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Starlink has just reached an important symbolic milestone

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This is great news for SpaceX. Elon Musk's firm has formalized the passing of a symbolic milestone from its X account (formerly Twitter): “Starlink connects more than 3 million people to the’ high-speed internet in nearly 100 countries, territories and other markets”. Enough to make its president and founder smile, who wanted to thank his teams and customers on the social network.

The impressive growth of Starlink

The Internet service provider finally gained momentum very quickly. After launching 60 satellites into orbit in May 2019, it now has 6,000. It had already crossed the threshold of one million subscribers in December 2022, then that of 2 million less than a year later. You can also find our series of tests of the service which reviews the experience and the problems encountered.

Starlink's ambition is to bring connection to underserved or unserved places around the world. If the objective is laudable, certain controversies have punctuated the path of the FAI and our colleagues from Digital Trends rightly recall the episode of the war in Ukraine.

American parliamentarians have in fact demanded explanations from Elon Musk following information according to which the company's technologies are used by the Russian army on the front, which would contravene the sanctions put in place by the Americans. The company denied selling its terminals, but according to press reports, they were obtained through other means.

New competition< /h2>

Starlink will also soon have to face tough competition in the satellite connectivity market. As we explained to you recently, Amazon is preparing its own constellation. Its Kuiper project thus relies on the same mechanism of satellites in low Earth orbit from SpaceX.

Amazon has also submitted its application to the FCC with a view to obtaining a license to offer its antennas on moving vehicles, in addition to homes. The Tech giant seems to want to move quickly and should offer a beta version before the end of the year. To find out more, do not hesitate to reread our article here.

What you need to remember:

  • Starlink has just passed the milestone of 3 million subscribers in around a hundred countries
  • Growth continues, even if the service faces certain controversies< /li>
  • The ISP will also face tough competition, as Amazon plans to launch its satellite Internet connection service by the end of the year

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