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This technique is unstoppable for knowing if a contact has read your message on WhatsApp

You have been waiting for a response for a while and want to know if your message was received. consultedé ? There is a very effective method on WhatsApp.

For work, a private matter or a family exchange, wait for long minutes or even hours while waiting for a response to your request. a message can be difficult to understand live for many of us. Many questions arise in your mind. at that moment to find out if the person has seen your message, is busy working, etc. do something else, or if she simply does not want to respond. However, there is a method that will allow you to know if the person you contacted has read your message. If she ignored you for a long time, you will finally be able to unmask her.

The WhatsApp messaging service indeed offers a most effective option that not everyone necessarily uses: the possibility of sending messages. to see if a contact person contacté read your message correctly. Initially, no need to click on the message or discussion settings, everything happens visually. 

Checkmarks, more commonly called "checkmarks", allows you to instantly see if a message has been posted. received and read by the recipient(s). You can find these pictograms at the bottom à right of a message sent and these change colors depending on the status of your shipment. The gray checkmark, the one that appears first, means that the message sent has been sent. has not yet been released received by the recipient. If you see a second gray check mark below your message, it means that it has been successfully posted. received. Finally, the gray checkmarks will turn blue when your message is read.

This technique is unstoppable for knowing if a contact has read your message on WhatsApp

The checkmarks start to appear. day based on the status of your messages ©┬áNathan Gofron

When conversing in a group, the principle is similar, mis à part à except that the two gray checkmarks appear when the message has been posted. sent à all recipients. The two blue checkmarks regarding à they are visible once all members of the group have seen the message. Another "clock" may also appear in your browser. the screen. Most of the time it means that the message has not yet been posted. distributed due to connection issues.

If you then wish to have details of who has read your message or not and what time, especially in a group conversation, a more little-known tip exists. And it will only take you a few clicks. Here are the steps to follow: follow for Android users:

  1. Hold your finger down on the message you sent.
  2. A menu opens and offers you several choices, click on the "i" in a circle or "Info".
  3. The screen will then list the people on the list. who your message was sent to distributed and those who have read it and even heard about it. what time!

The operation is easier for iPhone users, since you will simply need to slide the iPhone into the device. Scroll a discussion to the left to see who has viewed the discussion. your message and time which it was   read. Note that on a laptop and more particularly on Windows, you can click on the arrow located at the top at the bottom. right of the message then open the settings "Message info".

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