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Strike of the civil service, schools and nurses: what a mobilization this March 19 ?

Eight unions call à the strike of the civil service, schools and nurses this Tuesday, March 19. The increase in wages is at the heart of the demands of the mobilized sectors. The movement could be particularly followed by National Education.

The essentials

  • Eight unions united in inter-union –  the CGT, the CFDT, the CFE-CGC, the Autonomous Federation, Force Ouvriere, the UNSA, Solidaires and the Snes-FSU – call on the 5.7 million civil service agents the strike this Tuesday, March 19. The strike also concerns school staff and nurses.
  • The unions justify their strike by "the absence of any prospect of general measures to increase remuneration in the public service in a context of still sustained inflation. They are thus asking for “negotiations to improve careers and take general measures for salaries, in particular by revaluing the starting point ;hint". Salary demands taken up by teachers and nurses.
  • The intersyndicale is taking advantage of the strike to rise up against the measures of the "shock of knowledge" wanted by Gabriel Attal and against "the deterioration of working conditions" in National Education. According to the boss of the CGT, the March 19 strike should be "very closely followed" in National Education.
  • According to the Snes-FSU, at least 120 mobilizations are organized throughout France this Tuesday 19th strike.


13:26 – Demonstrations begin everywhere in France

In several cities in France, the Demonstrations and rallies have begun. This is particularly the case with Laval, Arras, Cherbourg, Limoges  or even Bordeaux whereù demonstrators gathered in front of the city's university hospital.

12:00 – Town halls and cultural places called for action s them too &agrav; strike

Among the different sectors that have been affected; called to strike by unions, town halls and museums have also received an appeal. The president of the CGT, Sophie Binet, ensured that that there "there will be many strikers" in public service. As Le Parisien indicates, town halls and places in this sector which welcome the public could be disrupted. The CGT also called for civil servants from the Ministry of Culture joined the strike movement this Tuesday, in particular those who work “in offices, workshops, museums, monuments, national higher education establishments, estates, gardens, excavation sites. In a press release, the union estimated that: that "creation, live performance, heritage and personnel" have been sacrificeés.

09:17 – More than 120 mobilizations in France

At least 120 demonstrations are organized throughout France this Tuesday March 19 according to a map published by the Snes-FSU union. In Paris, where the mobilization is likely to be one of the most followed, the demonstration will start soon. 2 p.m. from Place Edmond Rostand, à side of the Luxembourg Gardens.

08:54 – Two nursing unions relay the call à the strike

In addition to the inter-union, two nursing unions, notably liberal nurses, have also called for action. &agrav; the strike this Tuesday, March 19. The heart of their demands concerns a revaluation of remuneration which has not evolved. for around ten years. The unions are in fact demanding a reassessment of the prices of medical procedures which have not changed. despite inflation: an injection à home is still billed 4.50 euros gross as in 2012 and the observation is the same for other acts such as changing a dressing or carrying out a ;apos;a blood test. Added &agrav; This, the price of fuel which has increased and which affect the remuneration of liberal nurses who travel miles every day. "We are paid 2.50 euros for travel. Ça movedé recently, I think we have beené increased from 15 to 15 20 cents" explained liberal nurse Dorothée Jacquemin é BFMTV adding that this did not compensate for the 50 cents increase in the price of gasoline.

08:20 – A gr& ;egrave;ve to put pressure on with the Olympic Games

While public service unions are calling for à the strike this Tuesday, these are the same ones who pose the threat of other mobilizations during the period of the Olympic Games. On March 7, the general secretary of the CGT, Sophie Binet, announced: the filing of a preliminary strike notice in the civil service sector during the month of April and until August; ucirc;t, the end of the Paris Olympic Games. The lack of social preparation for the Olympics with workers who will be mobilized “voluntarily or not” is another criticism of the unions who demand measures to respond to the challenges posed by the Paris Games: "How are we going to get there? ;shepherd all the workers who will have to come to Ile-de-France ? How will we take care of their children while it is the school holidays ? What bonuses will they get ?& ;quot; Sophie Binet would number. The representative of the CGT Civil Service, Céline Verzeletti, is asking for bonuses for her part. the height of the efforts required. 

08:05 – What should we expect for the gr& egrave;ve of March 19 ?

The eight French unions united as an inter-union are calling for the strike of the civil service and 5.7 million agents this Tuesday. "There will be many strikers", assuredé the general secretary of the CGT, Sophie Binet, at the microphone of RMC yesterday:  "I say à all the civil servants who perhaps still hesitate: it is very important to be on strike tomorrow to finally be able to ;be respected by this government which only sees civil servants as costs, while civil servants are our collective wealth.

The call à the strike was also carried out. taken up by the unions in the National Education sector. This sector has already developed; followed several strikes on February 1 and 6. The movement could be "very closely followed" by school staff according to the boss of the CGT. Finally, nurses are also on strike this Tuesday & the call of the National Union of Liberal Nurses (Sniil) and the collective of liberal nurses. If all sectors respond to this mobilization, the movement could be large-scale.

Find out more

If we talk a lot about teachers, teachers will not be the only ones to do so. strike this Tuesday, March 19. In the public service, it is indeed the eight unions – CGT, FO, CFDT, CFE-CGC, FA, FSU, Solidaires and Unsa – which are calling for more action. mobilization. But while around a hundred processions and other gatherings are announced in the four corners of the country, in many countries, many of them have not yet been announced. At this stage, it is still difficult to have a quantified idea of ​​the number of strikers expected this Tuesday. they, however, should be limited, it is understood Libération

It will be the same in the health sector. The CGT, FO, CDFT, SUD and Unsa, the five main unions in the hospital public service, have also invited their troops to the strike movement. "We refuse to endure another blank year without a salary increase or compensation for inflation", indicates in its inter-union press release . Là again, complicated for the time being to have a concrete idea of ​​the mobilization while, in the sector, the demonstrators are often those who do not work on D-day, in order to affect as little as possible services that are often already used. under voltage.  

Finally, several teaching unions have therefore called for action. the profession &agrav; manifest. According to Snes-FSU, more than 120 events are planned throughout France. The main one will be held à Paris à from 2 p.m. from Place Edmond Rostand (RER Luxembourg). The SUD Éeducation Paris union has already taken action. asked a renewal of the movement for the coming days. In Loire-Atlantique, the FSU, CGT, FO and CNT unions are calling for more action. the strike on March 20, 21 and 22 "for more resources for public schools".

Salary increase, but not only

In a context of still sustained inflation, the unions are mostly demanding salary increases. In national education, there is also talk of more positions to “lower the number of students per class, ensure replacements and ensuring specialized teaching when necessary. As a reminder, the national education budget will be reduced by 700 million euros as part of the government's savings plan of 10 billion euros.

On the subject of remuneration, the FSU SNUipp, the leading union in nursery and elementary schools, is demanding an increase of 300 euros net monthly. ;nbsp;for all teachers. For its part, LE Snes-FSU is asking for an “immediate increase of 10% of the index point”. “It is urgent to open negotiations without delay,” common, FSI, Unsa Education, SGEN-CFDT, CGT Éduc'action and SUD Éeducation.

The "clash of knowledge" by Gabriel Attal describes

That's not all. In national education yet, another device announced by the government does not leave the unions indifferent, it is about the clash of knowledge mentioned in this article. by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal last December. The famous "level groups", listed in the decree published in the Official Journal this Sunday, will be éestablished "according to the needs of the élè ves identified by the teachers. An initiative that the unions are simply calling for à give up. Sud Éeducation regrets a reform of "social sorting and sanctions against students in difficulty" who, for their part, should benefit from classes outside the classroom. reduced staff numbers. On February 1st, 47% of secondary school teachers were appointed. had gone on strike according to Sens-FSU, 20% according to the Ministry of Education.

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