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Surprise: Tesla now sells the Cyberquad in France!

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It was initially a simple expensive goodie as only Tesla has the secret: the Cyberquad is a small quad for children, designed in the style of the Cybertruck. This time the item was still sold for more than $2,000. However, it escapes no one that Tesla had little or no experience with quads. Technical problems were quickly spotted, leading the authorities to completely withdraw it from the market.

One would then have thought that Tesla would give up on the idea of ​​what looks more like a ’ 8220;marketing stunt” which can in the process create a new inflow of money for a truly serious product. However, we quickly learned that the Cyberquad had landed in China, where safety legislation is a little less strict.

Tesla announces that the Cyberquad is arriving in France

However, Tesla seems to have managed to resolve the problems of “mechanical suspension and tire pressure” on these children's quads – to the point of officially announcing the start of sales in France (and the rest of Europe). Its price? €1,990.

The Cyberquad is a small electric quad that takes the design of the Cybertruck. We saw Elon Musk in person unveil it to the ohhhs and ahhhs of the public at the same time as the brand's latest futuristic pickup. In addition to the magnificent design of this little quad, it can be recharged directly in the Cybertruck bed.

“We are happy to announce that we have just launched the Cyberquad for children in France”, announces Tesla France in an email.

Be careful though: it is really designed only for children – even though some would undoubtedly have preferred such a quad, but for adults. The brand specifies that it is suitable for children between 8 and 12 years old, no more.

The design is still robust with its entirely steel chassis. It has a large padded seat which seems very comfortable, and seems to be able to accommodate up to two children. This model is equipped with rear suspensions, disc braking, and two LED light strips at the front and rear.

Parents can choose between two speed modes if they find the pace too fast. And the quad is pretty good in terms of autonomy, since the brand announces up to 19 km. To buy this Cyberquad in France, simply . The brand specifies that “deliveries will begin in the coming weeks”.

The whole question now is to know when the Cybertruck (the one reserved for adults with #8217;a license B) will actually land at customers' homes and on the roads. A close arrival, even simultaneous, would be ideal.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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