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Warner Bros. finally decides to launch its HBO Max platform in France

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We almost didn't believe it anymore. But finally, Warner Bros. announced the imminent arrival of its streaming platform here. What a relief! We had to be extremely patient, but our perseverance won in the end. HBO Max, or simply Max now, has an imminent launch in France and Belgium.

The future of HBO-branded programs was unclear, but Warner Bros. seems to have finally woken up. After a timid launch in Europe a year and a half ago, the company remembered that French and Belgian spectators exist. Yay! Thus, the Max streaming platform joins the long list of SVODs already present on the market from 2024. We will have to show our fangs.

HBO Max arrives in France in 2024

For a long time, HBO programs were found the next day on the OCS platform. But last December, the contract between the two entities came to an end. But that didn't seem to worry Warner Bros. who took care not to keep the spectators in France informed of the rest of the events. A frustrating suspense, especially since the release of the series The Last of Uswas imminent. In haste, Prime Video announced an exclusive partnership with Warner Bros. and the launch of its Warner Pass.

If the Warner Pass has some advantages in its pocket, it was far from offering the same experience as Max subscribers across the Atlantic. Enough to make some Internet users shudder with jealousy. Prime Video's Warner Pass suffers from a lack of exclusive new releases and all programs owned by Warner Bros. are not necessarily there.

And Max should not arrive in France empty-handed. On the contrary, HBO's streaming platform should offer its share of highly anticipated new features to viewers. On the program? The reboot series of Harry Potter and the multiple spin-offs of Game of Thrones.

During a conference, Leah Hooper Rosa indicated that Max will be available in France and Belgium from the first quarter of 2024. These two countries will be the first to discover the brand new look of the platform, until now called HBO Max.

It remains to be seen how the French will receive the news. Streaming platforms are multiplying, for better and for worse. The era of cheap streaming has passed and the bill is starting to get really steep. Adding yet another platform could cause more than one person to worry.

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