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Teachers' strike this Thursday: demonstrations and a very popular movement

As farmers' protests continue, major teachers' unions have called for action. &agrav; the strike this Thursday, February 1, 2024. The FSU-SNUipp expects to strike again. an "an average of 40% of strikers in the territory".

The essentials

  • Leading education unions have called for action. the profession &agrav; strike this Thursday, February 1 in reaction to the uneasiness felt by teachers, exacerbated by the recent Controversial statements from the Minister of Sports and Education, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra.
  • Teachers are mobilizing throughout France to obtain an increase in salaries and an overall improvement in working conditions.
  • According to the main secondary education union, the strike involves 47% of middle and high school teachers.
  • A demonstration is planned at Paris à 2 p.m. leaving Luxembourg in the 6th arrondissement towards the Ministry of Education rue de Grenelle in the 7th arrondissement.


14:24 – More than 100 gatherings throughout France

According to calculations by Ouest-France, 114 teacher gathering points are being organized in France this Thursday. If the procession of the Paris demonstration set off at 2 p.m., other marches have been taking place since this morning in various regions. The SNES-FSU union, for example, has 2,000 demonstrators à Caen, 1000 à Lorient and West France lists around 3000 à Nantes. The union listed these assembly points on a map. 

12:10 – An unprecedented rate of strikers since 2022

< p>According to the first figures communicated by the Snes-FSU, the leading secondary level union, 47% of middle and high school teachers are on strike this Thursday. With regard to first degree education; (nursery and primary) the first union, the FSU-Snuipp, estimates that 40% of teachers participate à the strike. The Ministry of National Education estimates that: He said that an average of 20.26% of teachers are on strike with 20.11% in schools and 29.51% in colleges. ges. The scale of the strike exceeds the unions' forecasts. On Wednesday evening, the  FSU-SNUipp predicted "an average of 40% of strikers in the territory". This rate of strikers had not been seen before. reached since the demonstrations of 2022 against the health protocol established; in schools announced by the Minister of Education at the time, Jean-Michel Blanquer, within the framework of Covid.

Find out more

Anger continues to spread in France this Thursday, February 1. The farmers' crisis which began more than a week ago is holding up and has even reached its peak. Brussels this Thursday. At the same time, several taxi snail operations have been implemented. organized in different large cities this Monday, before liberal nurses also undertake similar actions this Wednesday. A crisis that is globalizing and that government announcements are struggling to resolve. calm. This Thursday, February 1, 2024, the movement is expanding with a strike by teachers across the country. national level organized by the main teaching unions. If the strikers have a long list of demands, they have chosen to highlight working conditions as well as salaries.

From Lille à Marseille, via Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Toulouse, numerous processions will set off throughout the day. The press release of the FSU-SNUipp, the main union of primary school teachers, specifies that with “65% of strikers' Paris, more than 50% in Val-de-Marne, Drôme, Ard&eche or even in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, the mobilization is very followed in certain departments.

While school teachers must send their declaration of intention to strike 48 hours in advance of the mobilization, the main union of primary school teachers, the FSU-SNUipp, was able to estimate Tuesday à approximately 40% the rate of teachers on strike in France on February 1.

While it seems certain that many teachers and secondary schools have decided; to participate in the movement, we will have to wait a little longer to find out more, the exact rate of strikers can only be known this Thursday at the end of the year. midday. FSU, CGT, FO, SUD-Education, Unsa-Education, SGEN-CFDT, the vast majority teacher unions have in any case called for &agrav; mobilization. High schools should be blocked in several cities this Thursday, such as the Balzac high school in Paris. Tours according to France Bleu. With Ouest-France,   Gwenn Thomas-Alves, spokesperson for the High School Union (USL), said: that "several dozen high schools" should be mobilized "in the Paris region, in Rhône-Alpes, certainly in Ille-et-Vilaine, in Bouches-du- Rhône, à Clermont-Ferrand, à Tours… "

Emergency measures requested

Face &agrav; a “deaf” government, the FSU-SNUipp indicates in its press release; want to precisely warn about "suffering at work as well as the lack of recognition, particularly in terms of pay" and on the “working conditions, for staff, and learning conditions, for students, [which] have deteriorated' quot;. In a press release; of the inter-union made up of the Sud &ducation, Unsa &ducation, FSU, Sgen-CFDT and CGT &ducation federations, the demands are more precise: "We demand in particular emergency measures: revaluation without compensation of personnel articulated around immediate measures and a multi-annual programming law, abandonment of Pact, creation of a category B civil servant status for AESH and improvement of working conditions, in particular by reducing class numbers and a multi-year recruitment plan."

Some teachers also point to the reforms announced by the Ministry of National Education in October. "The clash of proposed knowledgeé by Gabriel Attal is unrealizable. And then, we have a great loss of freedom; “pedagogical with the fact of imposing on us ready-made methods which do not take into account our situation”, considers in particular a professor of French and history-G' ;eacute;ography of Besançon, interrogatedé by France 3. And to continue: "The level groups in mathematics and French in college are an aberration. Çthis will be done to the detriment of the students. Putting the good with the good and the bad with the bad, çit's never yielded anything."

The recent appointment of Am'Améa-Castéra to the Ministry of Defense'&Eacute National education is also decried by the unions, who deplore the various blunders committed by the new minister. Shortly after her appointment, she notably justified her decision. the schooling of his children in the private sector; deploring the "packages of hours that were not seriously replaced" in the audience.

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