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Terrorist threat: airports closed s, Château de Versailles evacuated... A climate of tension is established

Several airports have been closed. evacuated this Wednesday, October 18 after receiving alerts at the bomb. The Château de Versailles was also destroyed. aimed at by a third alert in a few days. Threats taken seriously only a few days after the Arras attack.

Alerts The grave is multiplying and six airports are or were the subject of terrorist threats this Wednesday, October 18: those of Lille, Bron, Nice, Nantes, Toulouse and Beauvais, near Paris, in particular. This is an anonymous message sent by email which posed a threat to certain airports such as those at Lille-Lesquin where the alert was raised received at 10 hours. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) indicated: that "threats have been made" received by email and telephone. Other structures have received reports of alerts. the bomb due to the presence of suspicious packages or abandoned luggage as was the case. the case Nice airport.

Airports are not the only ones affected, since the Château de Versailles was also affected. aimed at by an alert the bomb this Wednesday. This is the third terrorist threat launched against the tourist monument in five days – previous alerts having been suppressed. reported Sunday and Tuesday. The Château de Versailles and the airports were all renovated. evacuated for safety reasons and “doubt clearance” operations. are or have been carried out by the police.

Principle of precaution in the face of violence. the terrorist threat

The evacuation measures decided in the event of an emergency alert. Bomb or other threats are only taken when the risk is considered. as serious, given the inconvenience caused. But the Interior Ministry explained: at the Parisienthat these measures were obligatory by "the precautionary principle", particularly after the attacks that occurred in recent days. A terrorist attack took place in a high school in Arras on Friday, October 13, and a shooting at a school in Arras. demonstrated terrorist nature à Brussels on October 16. The authorities therefore consider it necessary to proceed with this decision. "raises of doubt" with the intervention of law enforcement and mine clearance services.

If safety measures are not taken into account simply hold on to evacuation of places in certain places, such as tourist monuments in the area. Like the Château de Versailles, in airports or train stations, traffic is interrupted in addition to evacuation. The DGAC indicates that for each airport concerned: Due to the alerts, air traffic is suspended and no more planes take off. As for the passengers, they disembarked at the end of the runway and did not reach the terminal, or had to wait in their plane.

Several airports were evacuated. s, real or false threat?

Lille-Lesquin airport has been closed. one of the first to receive a threat alert the bomb this Wednesday, but after an evacuation and an operation to remove doubts the alert ended at the very beginning of the afternoon and " Prefecture gave “a favorable opinion for staff and passengers to re-enter the airport” warned the airport on X (former Twitter).

At Bron and Nice airports too, the removal of doubt is over and the situation has returned to normal. the normal. The first evokes a “false alarm” the bomb. Nice airport, for its part, informed on the normal" and that there was just an alert of the suspicious package, something frequent, which required investigation. the establishment of a security perimeter. But everything is back in order.

It's also a suspicious package that was pushed into the box. à the evacuation of Toulouse-Blagnac airport as well as the evacuation of Toulouse-Blagnac airport. the establishment of a security perimeter. Same situation elsewhere Beauvais airport according to Le Parisien where two terminals are evacuated. Nantes-Atlantique airport has also been upgraded. be evacuated due to a suspicious package.

Other airports have been affected. affected by these threats and security alerts the bomb according to the DGAC: those of Rennes, Strasbourg, Biarritz and even Pau. The DGAC does not provide further details. If these airports are evacuated for reasons of doubt, "serious threats" are not systematically identified.

Teilor Stone

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