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Tesla convinced them: 87% of the brand's customers would remain loyal

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Electric cars are selling better and better, and despite some problems (charging and autonomy) they are heralded as the future of automobiles. In a recent study on the subject, Bloomberg Intelligence estimates that 42% of Americans will have an electric vehicle as their next car.

The group expects that one in 4 cars driving in the United States will be electric before 2030. A takeover of an automobile market which has only known thermal cars for more than a century. Even more impressive, people who took the plunge towards an electric car do not seem to regret their choice.

Within the panel (of more than 1000 individuals) who allowed this study to be carried out, 93% of people who already have an electric car do not plan to change their engineduring their next purchase. A figure that is all the more interesting when highlighting the Tesla brand. It which only offers electric cars should retain 87% of its customers in the years to come.

He continues by explaining that the arrival of new, more affordable models from Tesla, GM and Stellantis in 2025 and 2026 should only accentuate the progression of electric cars in Uncle Sam's country Despite these impressive figures, Steve Man is the first to say it, the world of electric automobiles is not yet ready for the arrival of the general public.

Everything remains to be done

In his report, Steve Man takes the example of China. The country has implemented major changes to promote electric cars and fight against pollution. These efforts have already borne fruit and the charging network (terminals and stations) is five times more developed than that of the United States.

In Europe and France, the problems with electric cars are the same. The autonomy of the models, although constantly increasing, remains a real obstacle to purchasing, as does the difficulty of finding charging stations.

The price: the biggest black spot?

Charging time and the price of cars are also elements highlighted by consumers. These two points are among the major areas of work for all automobile manufacturers and several technical innovations should make it possible to reduce recharging times and lower sales prices in the coming years.

Today the cheapest new electric car in France (without taking into account the ecological bonus) is the Dacia Spring. It is sold by the Romanian manufacturer at the price of 18,400€. For comparison, the Dacia Sandero Essentiel is the cheapest new car among thermals. It is sold 9900€, or twice as expensive.

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