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Tesla finally launches its Cybertruck! The 5 things to know about this automobile UFO

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Fans will have waited a long time, but it's finally here. The Cybertruck, Tesla's first electric pick-up, will finally hit the roads. From the Austin (Texas) factory, transformed for the occasion, Elon Musk recalled in 25 minutes top time the few pillars of the design of this vehicle like no other, with the sense of the humor that we know.

The first buyers were therefore given their brand new vehicle by Elon Musk himself, all smiles for this product that he is announcing like a new revolution. “All the experts said that such a vehicle was impossible to manufacture, so we did it”, he explains, not without a certain pride. .

What to take away from this conference? What are the special features of this Cybertruck? Here are the 5 things to know.

Tesla finally launches its Cybertruck! The 5 things to know about this automobile UFO

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If many consumers will turn to the Cybertruck for its futuristic appearance,Tesla 8217;designed above all as a utility vehicle.And what a utility vehicle!Capable of towing 5 tonnes, it uses all the power of its Tri-motor engine to outperform the competition.

Tesla released an unequivocal video: in a traction exercise, the Cybertruck outperformed its competitors by more than 20 meters. Exit the Fort F-350, F-150 Lightning and even the Rivian R1T, although they are very good at this exercise.

The Cybertruck was also designed to move around the site with agility, despite its imposing size. Its four-wheel drive allows it to display a drag coefficient of 0.335. An automatic wheel adjustment system allows the turning radius to be adapted according to speed. When driving at walking pace, the Cybertruck has a better turning radius than a Model S.

Finally, pick-up obliges, the rear of the vehicle can remain open to store tools and materials. Domestic outlets are availableto connect just about anything and everything, including construction equipment.

The available surface area (1.80 m long by 1.20 m wide) also allows you to transform the rear of the Cybertruck as a camp bed.

Tesla finally launches his Cybertruck! The 5 things to know about this automobile UFO

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On its official website, Tesla announces a 0 to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds only. Mind-boggling. To demonstrate the full power of its Cybertruck, Tesla pitted it against a 2023 Porsche 911 in a drag race (standing start and straight line race). The Cybertruck overtook the Porsche by a quarter of a mile, or almost 400 meters. All while towing a trailer carrying… another Porsche 911 (2023). Thrills guaranteed.

This power does not even come at the expense of autonomy. In mixed use, the Cybertruck can travel around 550 kilometers, as much as the latest improved Model 3. Obviously, this data does not take into account the towing of a trailer or the transport of heavy equipment.

Tesla finally launches its Cybertruck! The 5 things to know about this automobile UFO

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The Cybertruck was designed in “Super Alloy stainless steel”, a material used for rockets Space X. Tesla designed it to withstand anything, even bullets from a pistol or machine gun. Why? “Why not? replies Elon Musk.

The windows have also been treated to resist almost anything. For this second presentation, the CEO of the company did not risk throwing a pétanque ball to prove this solidity (the first demonstration had damaged the window). One of his lieutenants just threw a baseball. The glass remained like new.

This solidity is also found in the adventurous side of the vehicle. The Cybertruck can drive anywhere: on the road, in the desert, in water, on rocks. Nothing seems to resist it.

Tesla finally launches its Cybertruck! The 5 things to know about this automobile UFO

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Nothing, except maybe the wallet. During his first presentation in 2019, Elon Musk announced a price of $36,000. A price which caused a sensation at the time. But as the product developed, the automotive troublemaker gently hinted that the price would be higher. Indeed, it is. Even much more.

The Cybertruck is available in three versions:

  • Propulsion at $60,990: it will only be available #8217;in 2025 and will display much less attractive performance. 0 to 100 km/h will be done in 6.5 seconds and range will be limited to 400 km.
  • Four-wheel drive at $79,990:< /strong>available from 2024, it will be capable of going from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds for a range of 550 km. Its max speed. will be limited to 180 km/h.
  • Cyberbeast at $99,990: available from 2024, this is the model presented by Elon Musk during the conference, with the craziest performances (2.6 seconds for 0 to 100 km/h, maximum speed of 210 km/h, 550 km range).

You you will have understood, the Cybertruck is priced closer to the Model S and /12/14bcb75f768db7243ef0b49990af6068.jpg” alt=”Tesla finally launches its Cybertruck! The 5 things to know about this automobile UFO” />

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No regrets if you can't get there offer it, the Cybertruck is not available in Europe. Production problems? No way. If this pick-up of all excess is not available in our regions it is because of the legislation.

With its 3.6 tonnes on the scale and its 5, 9 meters long, the Cybertruck is classified in the heavy goods vehicle category in France. It therefore requires an additional license for motorists. To see it one day on the Old Continent, Tesla would have to create a lighter version or succeed in having it approved as a C1 class truck. But it is far from won.

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