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That's it, LinkedIn wants to become TikTok

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Currently, LinkedIn is THE professional social network. Since its launch in 2003, the platform has evolved enormously and today has more than 930 million users. A few years ago, LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft (for more than $26 billion!) and receives regular updates and new features to continue its growth.

Like other social networks before it, LinkedIn has given in to the call for short videos. According to Tech Crunch, the professional social network is testing a new feed dedicated to short videos.

Soon a new feed on LinkedIn ?

It's not really surprising to learn that LinkedIn is testing a new feed with only short videos . Since the rise of TikTok, king of short vertical videos with infinite scrolling, several social networks have gotten involved. Like Instagram and YouTube. So it was time for LinkedIn to give in to the idea…

It was Austin Null, director of strategy at the influencer agency McKinney, who spotted this new feature. In the video screenshot he posts, we see a new tab appear at the bottom of the application. In this demo, the “Publish” tab is at the top right, next to the search bar, to make room for this “Video” tab.

In this feed, nothing very innovative: the user can scroll, again and again, to discover many videos in vertical format. It is possible to like, comment and share the videos. Unsurprisingly, it will be about career and professional issues, and not just any type of subject. LinkedIn seems to be simply taking the temperature of this idea with a beta version of this new feature. It remains to be seen whether the social network launches this feed on a larger scale.

For the moment, LinkedIn has not specified how the algorithm of this new feed works. But we imagine that the social network will be based on the interests of each user to offer the most appropriate videos. We already know that this new feature should increase the reach of users of the social network and generate even more engagement.

LinkedIn seems pretty confident about its new feature, given that this format “is very popular with its users. Since its launch, the professional social network has evolved significantly. It's been several years since real influencers have appeared on the platform, sharing their advice for increasing views or turnover, or for being a better entrepreneur. The arrival of a short video feed like TikTok should make them happy. Besides, we infiltrated them for a few months…

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