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The 4 mistakes not to make when washing your electric car

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The success of electric cars (and this is unlikely to change) comes with new questions regarding their maintenance. When it comes to cleaning it, there are some good reflexes to adopt in order to not compromise its operation or worse, put yourself in danger. Water and electricity don't mix well, but washing an electric car without damaging it is not particularly complicated, as it is logically waterproof. You just need to keep in mind a few actions to avoid.

During recharging, no washing

The first pitfall to avoid; even though it may seem obvious; it's not to wash your vehicle during its recharging phase. If it's a simple sponge wash of a few areas of the vehicle (windshield, mirrors, windows, etc.), no problem, but Immediately forget this idea if you use a high pressure water jet. Indeed, acting in this way may cause water infiltration at the socket, which would damage the charging system.

S&#8217 ;there is water infiltration, the risk of short circuit is real, and that's the last thing you want to happen ;#8217;it's happening. This could lead to a complete breakdown of the vehicle, or even a fire in the worst case. And having an electric car burning in your garden is not a very enviable situation.

Areas to be avoided

It's simple, there are two: the underside of the car (usually containing the battery pack for center of gravity reasons) and the engine compartment. Even if, theoretically, everything is waterproof; otherwise it would be impossible to drive in the rain; You might as well not play with fire. There is a difference between raindrops and a high pressure jet.

Using a high pressure jet high pressure water could, moreover, severely damage certain essential electronic components of the engine bay: wiring, electronic controllers, DC-AC converter, etc.

Deactivate comfort equipment

Before starting to wash the vehicle, certain equipment should , ideally be disabled if possible. We are thinking in particular of automatic windshield wipers, automatic door locking or automatic lights. This will save them from unnecessary overuse.

Otherwise, go as simple as possible, wash your car when it is turned off< /strong>.

The charging station: equipment to be preserved

If you have a home charging system, such as a Tesla Powerwall, < strong>do not clean it with water! Treat it as if it were a television or computer and prefer dry cleaning. Make sure the system is turned off if you want to clean it and use a dry cloth or one lightly dampened with a non-abrasive solution. If you're really finicky, a small air compressor will be effective in dislodging dust and other dirt from small cracks and crannies.

Washing an electric car is not that different from washing a thermal car, despite these few differences. These few tips are more common sense than anything else; putting them in place means ensuring your safety and the longevity of your vehicle.

  • You should not wash an electric car with a high-pressure jet, nor even pass the jet on the Wallbox.
  • Two areas to avoid: the engine and the underside of the vehicle.
  • Make sure your car is turned off when you wash it.

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