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The 4 new macOS Sequoia features worth checking out

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Apple started its WWDC conference on June 10. The event was highly anticipated, since the firm finally presented Apple Intelligence, which includes its new features based on generative artificial intelligence and important improvements for Siri. But besides that, Apple also presented interesting new features for its different platforms. As for Macs, the new macOS Sequoia operating system, which will arrive this fall, for example offers “mirroring” with the iPhone, which allows you to control the smartphone from a Mac.

Apple also offers a new Passwords application, which will compete with password managers. On Safari, the firm offers a functionality that can summarize articles for the user. And new technology will make it easier to port video games to macOS. In this article, we invite you to discover some of the new features that will arrive on macOS and which are worth the detour.

1 – iPhone Mirroring

Screen mirroring will be extremely useful if you are working on your Mac, and you need to read a message, open an application, or access a file on your iPhone. Instead of picking up your iPhone, you just need to use this macOS new feature to open your iPhone on your Mac screen (and access the home screen, apps, etc.), while the smartphone remains locked. This can help you stay focused on the task you're doing on your Mac. Furthermore, iPhone notifications will also appear on Mac, and it will be possible to interact with them (and open, via mirroring, the app that sent the notification).

The 4 new macOS Sequoia features worth checking out

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2 – The Passwords app

Apple already allows you to sync your passwords and access keys to iCloud. However, on the next versions of its platforms, including macOS Sequoia, the firm will offer a dedicated application called Passwords. The advantage of this app is that we will have a new interface on which passwords and access keys will be better organized. And the app could also make this valuable information easier to access. In any case, Apple's Passwords application risks overshadowing third-party password managers, knowing that passwords will also be accessible via the iCloud application for Windows.

The 4 new macOS Sequoia features worth checking out

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3 – Smarter Safari

On macOS Sequoia, Safari has a new feature called Highlights. This relies on machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, in order to find relevant information on the sites visited, and highlight this during navigation. And when you read articles, Safari will be able to generate a table of contents as well as a summary of the content of that article.

The 4 new macOS Sequoia features worth checking out

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4 – More video games

With the next version of macOS, Apple also continues to push developers to offer their titles on Mac. The firm has unveiled a second version of Game Porting Toolkit, to make the adaptation of video games for macOS even easier.

    < li>Apple has just presented its new operating system for Macs
  • In addition to benefiting from new features based on generative artificial intelligence, macOS Sequoia includes full of practical new features, including the possibility of controlling an iPhone from the screen of a Mac
  • Apple is also presenting a new tool which will make porting video games even easier on macOS

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