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With Apple Intelligence, Apple teaches the AI ​​giants a lesson (Edito)

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Artificial intelligence. For several months, these two words have been calling the shots in the tech industry, propelling certain companies (Nvidia in particular) to new heights of valuation. A year and a half after ChatGPT met the general public, Apple has finally decided to unveil its artificial intelligence model. Late Apple ? Not really. But not that far ahead either.

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Simple and accessible AI

With Apple Intelligence, Apple teaches the AI ​​giants a lesson (Edito)

© Apple

In absolute terms, Apple Intelligence is not reinventing the wheel of artificial intelligence. The functionalities integrated into its products already exist thanks to the applications ChatGPT (OpenAI), Gemini (Google) or Copilot (Microsoft). Samsung has also linked up with these players to power AI in its latest devices.

Concretely, Apple Intelligence offers the same tools for translation, transcription, image creation, etc. Like Copilot in Windows machines, Apple Intelligence can also draw on data from the iPhone, iPad or Mac to understand context, suggest actions, create documents, all through Siri. Nothing really new in the world of AI, but that's not Apple's talent.

True to form, the company has been able to recover existing technologies in order to integrate them into its products or develop them internally. With the same objective in mind: making them easy to use on a daily basis by making their technicality invisible.

Apple Intelligence is fully part of this movement. Its strength lies in its perfect integration into the Apple ecosystem. AI is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It is accessible in one click, one touch, one sentence, one voice request. Thus, the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac become personal assistants as we imagined them in our wildest dreams (or at least as we have seen them for decades in science fiction films).

Privacy Protection

With Apple Intelligence, Apple teaches the AI ​​giants a lesson (Edito)

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By adding a solid dose of privacy protection, the Californian offers an asset that could make the difference. While all observers fear for the confidentiality of personal data, Apple offers fully encrypted AI. “No data is stored or accessible” insists the company. It has even developed protection in the Cloud, just to also secure the data that leaves the device for one reason or another.

Thanks to all these optimizations, Apple chases away the fears circulating around AI: fear of data exploitation, the complexity of services or the relevance of responses. We will of course have to test all of this to understand these new features, especially when we remember the first demos of Siri, which were much more impressive than reality.

By partnering with OpenAI (Apple Intelligence also integrates ChatGPT 4o), Apple has its back by offering itself a sort of all-insurance risks. Very logically, the in-house AI tries to answer all requests. But if it dries, ChatGPT 4o takes over to provide a response. An almost perfect plan which risks making Apple the brand that will have democratized artificial intelligence.

Hesitant launch

With Apple Intelligence, Apple teaches the AI ​​giants a lesson (Edito)

© Apple

Despite everything, the first steps of Apple Intelligence can be a little hesitant. There are some indications that the company was indeed taken by surprise.

So not all of the billion and a half iPhone users will benefit of Apple's AI, their computing power not allowing it. According to the manufacturer, local data processing requires resources that most iDevices do not have. It will only be available to those equipped with Apple Silicon chips (iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, iPad and Mac with Mx chips).

Another size limitation: Apple Intelligence will initially only be offered in English for American users. The R&D has t -she lacked time to train her AI on other languages? This is more than likely.

Tim Cook and his lieutenants transform must transform what is still only an impressive demonstration into a satisfactory reality. And thus put Apple back on the top step of the podium of the highest rated companies in the world.

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