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Apple Intelligence: everything you need to know about AI coming to iPhone, iPad, Mac and Siri

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Apple took advantage of its annual WWDC 2024 conference to lift the veil on “Apple Intelligence”, a suite of artificial intelligence features that promises to revolutionize the world. #8217;user experience on iPhone, Mac, and much more.

The firm was eagerly awaited on this issue while Samsung with Galaxy AI, Google with Android 15 and its vast integration of Gemini Advanced and Microsoft with Copilot quickly risked making the firm's products look a little old.

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Forget the somewhat rigid voice assistant that often responds a little off. With iOS 18, Siri takes a more natural and contextual approach, capable of understanding more complex queries and taking actions across multiple apps.

Siri will even be able to find your driving license in your photos, extract the number and automatically fill it in an online form. Another major new feature: you can now dictate or type your requests to Siri, depending on your preference, which can be more practical, especially for typing a prompt.

Apple Intelligence: everything you need to know about AI coming to iPhone, iPad, Mac and Siri

© Apple

Apple Intelligence doesn't just improve Siri. Smart writing features will be coming to Mail and across the system, allowing you to generate email replies from two questions, summarize text, or # 8217;adapt the tone of your messages.

On Mac, we also find an AI capable of generating and integrating texts and images on the fly into a host of applications, including Pages, for example.

Apple Intelligence: everything you need to know about AI coming to iPhone, iPad, Mac and Siri

© Apple

Express yourself with “Genmoji”, personalized emojis generated on the fly by AI. And give free rein to your creativity with Image Playground, a new feature in iOS 18 that allows you to create original images from your photos and that developers can very easily implement in their application.

We suspected it very much, but Apple has just formalized a partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into Siri. Thus, when Siri cannot answer a request, it will be able to call on the chatbot's expertise, with your permission.

…Rather than telling you what it found on the web without much connection. Apple promises that requests and information will not be recorded, and that paying users of ChatGPT will be able to access premium features.

In addition, Apple Intelligence, which brings all this together, is free for Mac and iPad users. Unless we are mistaken, nothing has been specified for iPhone owners, but it is possible that we are hard of hearing ^^ !

All of these advances in AI raise legitimate questions about privacy. Apple wants to be reassuring by specifying that all Apple Intelligence functionalities will be processed on the device, to guarantee data confidentiality.

L&amp ;#8217;company has also developed a technology called “Private Cloud Compute” which encrypts data sent to the cloud and ensures that it can only be executed if the software has been inspected and validated.

A priori, all iPhone supported by iOS 18 should be compatible with Apple Intelligence, as well as all Macs equipped with an Apple Silicon chip, from M1 onwards. Same with iPads supported by iPadOS 18.

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