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Big change in weather this week, regions will not see the sun

After these few days of good weather, the cold and the rain are already here. back and the rest of the week looks gloomy.

These few days of good weather have been good for morale. Unfortunately, it's already happening. finished. The month of June will not be all sunshine and heat, quite the contrary. This weekend in the south, storms have already arrived. causes temperatures to drop. According to La Chaine Météo, the trend is confirmed this mid-week.

Temperatures will drop to around 100%. a level worthy of the end of April. Half The west of the country will be particularly affected, going as far as 2000. find themselves around four degrees below seasonal norms. In the southwest, the difference will be brutal: up to 100%. &agrav; minus 15 degrees in a week in certain locations from Tuesday. In half In the north, temperatures will not exceed 19-20 degrees and 22 degrees in the south. In the morning, it could be less than 10 degrees with particularly cool days on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, temperatures could drop further.

Big change in weather this week, regions will not see the sun

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This change can be explained by a polar shift linked to the &agrav; a very strong undulation of the Jet Stream, current present at high altitude. This phenomenon will be accompanied by gloomy weather with few clear spells, but showers. A real autumn feeling is coming. Only the Mediterranean rim will remain a little sunny. Snow could even make a return to the Pyrenees with a few flakes in the -above 2200 meters of altitude.

Temperatures could start to rise. rise slightly to the top. starting Thursday. A false hope, since from Friday, a new disturbance is announced with an arrival via Brittany, affecting three-quarters of France.

The following week, a few degrees can also be gradually regained, despite the weather. persistent unstable weather. Thundery showers would be expected. plan. You should therefore not expect anything to happen. a very sunny month of June; and hot as explained by Guillaume Séchet, creator of the site Météo-Villes, with Parisien< /em> : "for the moment, we do not see a lastingly hot and dry period throughout France & agrave; less than ten days". For the end of June, the forecasts are still not very reliable but La Chaine Mé téo envisages slightly drier weather for half of the year north but stormy in the south with temperatures close to seasonal norms.

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