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It was at the end of 2021, Netflix was broadcasting a brand new South Korean series that would quickly become a global phenomenon: Squid Game. As a reminder, the series features a group of people, heavily in debt, even ruined, who agree to risk their lives in a mysterious survival game with a huge sum as a reward. While season 2 will arrive soon, Netflix will soon broadcast new content inherent to the license.

Squid Game: The Challenge… what is it?

Indeed, from November 22, the American streaming platform will broadcast Squid Game: The Challenge. This is a new reality TV, directly inspired by the Squid Game series. There will therefore be 456 participants, ready to do anything to complete the game alone, and win the jackpot.

Of course, unlike the series, the eliminations will not be final here, but that won't stop the participants from deceit, lies and betrayals to achieve their goals.

For many fans of the series, who are impatiently awaiting season 2 , Netflix “didn’t understand anything” by offering a reality TV inspired by a series which itself aims to be a critique (among other things) of our current consumer society. Last January, we learned that several candidates had visibly injured themselves during the filming of this same reality TV from Netflix.

Obviously, the participants will be confronted with numerous tests directly inspired by the series Squid Game, including the deadly “1, 2, 3 Soleil“, but paintball style here. Note that Squid Game: Le Défi will benefit from full dubbing in French.

It remains to be seen whether spectators will be receptive to this upcoming reality TV show on Netflix. Recently, the streaming platform confirmed its intention to inflate its prices (again!).

As for the competition, namely Disney+, we have already confirmed a clear increase in prices. prices from November 1, with a new subscription with advertisements, but also a new package called 'Premium', which takes up the characteristics of the current subscription, but increasing the price to 11 .99€/month. Nice Mickey…

  • In the absence of season 2, Squid Game will be entitled to a competition at the end of the year on Netflix.
  • A reality TV inspired by the series which denounces… reality TV.
  • In total, 456 participants will compete, to be like in Squid Game.

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