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The patent dates of 2024 colleges have been revealed, they are particularly late

The Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, announced that the college certificate tests will take place in July in 2024. A calendar which should make it possible to fight against absenteeism in June.

The 2024 college certificate exams will take place in July, not June. The Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, announced this. this Thursday, September 28. A change in the calendar which does not go unnoticed and which should make it possible to combat absenteeism in class, which would be particularly important in June according to the minister.

"My ambition for the school is clear: to raise the level," Gabriel Attal on TF1 at 8 p.m. to justify his reform. "For this, students must be present in class, and work throughout the year." Thus to encourage or force students to do so. go to class until At the end of the year, the patent tests will take place over two days: Monday July 1 and Tuesday July 2, 2024.

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A reform to "reconquer the month of June"

The  The new patent dates are part of a more global reform of the examination calendar, which aims to improve the number of exams. "reclaim the month of June". Indeed, the baccalaureate specialty tests will also take place in June 2024, and no longer in March as was the case last year. re.

The reform of the patent calendar will be evaluated at the end of the year. at the end of the 2023-2024 school year. The Ministry of National Education hopes that these changes will reduce absenteeism in class and improve student results. ;ves to the patent. The full schedule of 2024 events has been released. published by the Ministry of National Education.

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