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The dream of a 'licensed Tesla' exists

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We know that Tesla has gradually given itself the mission of democratizing electric mobility. But while the price of each new model is rather falling (the brand started with a very expensive Roadster, before launching more and more mainstream models), we are still waiting for a price of the level, to name but a few. 8217;she, of the latest electric Citroën ë-C3.

Of course, the brand has been teasing the arrival of a new model for less than €25,000 for a long time. But we still do not yet know when it will arrive or what its design or precise characteristics will be. So, as 2023 ends, our colleagues at Automobile Propre have decided to go even further and imagine what a 'Tesla without a license' might look like.

A Tesla without a license… is this really reasonable?

A “small pot of yogurt” electric that the journalists decided to baptize with the sweet name “Model K” (we don't really know, moreover, what will become of the letters S3XY of the first burst of models when Tesla subsequently adds new ranges…). According to the journalists, who did not hesitate to ask the DALL-E artificial intelligence to draw a first draft, everything will evoke Tesla in this model made of the same material as dreams (very far from ;an Alpha Romeo…).

Automobile Propre evokes“large glass surfaces including a panoramic roof, harmonious integration of the full grille and tapered headlights typical of Tesla&#8221 ;, but also, “17-inch rims”), all for a compact size similar to other cars without a license: 2.50 x 1.50 x 1.60 meters. According to this scenario, the trunk would have a maximum capacity of 300 liters… and our colleagues are imagining a front-wheel drive engine.

Obviously, the performance would have nothing to do with the other models in the range, even if Tesla's technologies could help make the vehicle more responsive than its competitors. The speed would be limited to 45 km/h and the battery to 6 kW. More fun, the site imagines, in addition to cabin equipment similar to other Teslas (central console, steering wheel controls), level 2 autonomous driving as standard, and Fully Autonomous Driving capability as an option. p>

Depending on the battery pack, the vehicle could deliver between 200 km and 140 km of autonomy. All with fast charging on Tesla Superchargers, of course. And the price? Automobile Propre imagines a starting price of €12,400 for the cheapest model, excluding ecological bonus. For comparison, the Citroën Ami, in the same category, is available for purchase from €7,990 excluding ecological bonus of €900.

There remains the big question posed by this fictional scenario. : what if Tesla took the plunge? Of course, this seems quite unlikely for an American car manufacturer, a country in which it is possible to obtain your license from the age of 16 – and where vast distances rather favor road vehicles with high autonomy. But would such a model appeal to you? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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