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How to replace Siri with ChatGPT Voice on your iPhone

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For some time now, OpenAI has offered to interact with ChatGPT using voice only. Over the versions, the firm has strengthened the integrations, particularly on iPhone. To the point that it is now possible to very easily use the most advanced assistant in the world instead of Siri.

If you want to activate everything with voice only, however, it is not possible to replace shebang Sirior Hey Siri. Instead, you can, via a shortcut, make it possible to say Hey Siri, ChatGPTto launch the interaction with the OpenAI voice assistant. However, according to our tests, this turns out to be impractical in use.

How to use ChatGPT instead of Siri on iPhone

So in our opinion there is a better solution & #8211; which kills two birds with one stone by still allowing you to invoke the assistant with Hey Siri, ChatGPT without further manipulation. This is based on accessibility functions, in particular the one which allows you to launch an action by tapping two or three times on the back of your smartphone.Here's how:

How to replace Siri with ChatGPT Voice on your iPhone

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  1. Create a special shortcut to manage the invocation of ChatGPT Voice:
      • Open the application Shortcuts
      • Tap + at the top right
      • Name the new shortcut “ChatGPT Voice” (the name doesn't matter, you can choose what you want and suits you best) and tap Add action +
      • Tap Start voice conversation
      • Tap Ok at the top right – you can now exit the application Shortcuts
  2. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Touch the back of the device
  3. Select Tap 2 timesor Touch 3 times depending on your preference
  4. < li>In the Shortcuts section, select the one you created in step 1

If you have an iPhone 15 with the new action button, it is also possible to assign ChatGPT to this button by following this tutorial.

And there you have it: now, to invoke ChatGPT, all you have to do is tap the back of your smartphone two or three times depending on the chosen setting, or say the name of the shortcut that you created after summoning Siri normally. Unfortunately for the moment, and contrary to what is possible on Android, Apple remains the master of the keys on iOS – and does not allow you to substitute the Hey Siri command with something else.

However, we know that this is completely artificial, and can evolve voluntarily… or by force. The latest example is the App Store: the European Commission managed to force Apple to open its operating system a little to allow the installation of Alternative app stores. The authority relies on the DMA, the Digital Markets Act, which aims to regulate large online platforms.

The main objective of the DMA is to promote competition and justice in the digital market. Furthermore, while there are competing voice assistants, one could imagine in the future the Commission relying on the DMA to force Apple to allow the complete replacement of Siri by any what other competing solution.

It should be noted that, although it is smarter than Siri, ChatGPT Voice does not yet have access to control the functions of your smartphone. Its use therefore remains for the moment necessarily complementary to Siri on a daily basis.

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