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The French are now mostly shunning 100% thermal cars

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While in 2022, 47% of new car sales were electric or hybrid cars, 2023 gives the impression of a real crossing of the curves. Indeed, during the first 10 months of the year, 54% of cars sold were electric or hybrid models, relegating sales of purely thermal cars to the background.

< p>It must be said that between the price of gasoline and diesel around 2 euros per liter, the cost of maintenance, but also the financial incentives to move to cleaner mobility, or even to taking the step towards 100% electric, French people wishing to renew their vehicles are increasingly opting for cleaner models.

2023: the year the curves cross for vehicle sales. electric and hybrid cars

A fact reinforced by the proliferation of models on the market, with leasing offers available around €100 per month – as well as the strengthening of the network of charging stations, which no longer worry candidates for electric mobility as much as before. For now, in detail, it should be noted that the majority of purchases relate to hybrid models.

A more reassuring intermediary for many drivers, since it allows both savings on the price of fuel, while benefiting from a mode of use practically identical to thermal models, the all with identical or even more extended autonomy. In total, 33% of new car sales were hybrid cars (including 9% PHEV cars).

The share of 100% electric vehicles is still increasing, since we are talking about 16% of sales in 2023 compared to 13% of sales in 2022. Between 2024 and 2025, it is a safe bet that this proportion is increasing significantly, thanks to the arrival of French models at particularly aggressive prices and the change in scales and penalties penalizing all thermal engines (even hybrids). Recently, for example, Citroën unveiled its new ë-C3 with an announced price below the symbolic threshold of €25,000 (excluding ecological bonus).

Stellantis is also preparing to score points. The group, which is already selling its Megane E-TECH very well, is preparing to offer its brand new electric Renault 5 from 2024. Before launching an electric Renault 4 the following year. There is also the electric Dacia Spring, which is growing in popularity. Beyond that, certain foreign vehicle models such as the MG4 offer exceptional services at a low price.

The moment is in any case rather ideal: between the reshuffling of the energy cards following the war in Ukraine and the risks, in the event of a regional conflagration, which weigh on the supply of Following the conflict between Hamas and Israel, fossil fuels have never appeared so much as uncertain sources of energy, and potentially dangerous from a geopolitical point of view – which adds to their impact on the climate.

At the same time, electric car technology is starting to become mature enough to allow the arrival of more affordable models, and comparable performance, all with acceptable recharge times, even for long journeys in France and across Europe. Let us note in conclusion that sales of thermal cars have not quite yet said their last word.

Indeed, in detail, it is mainly sales of diesel which are bowing out, while sales of gasoline cars remain in the figures for the moment.

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