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Your fridge is probably incorrectly adjusted: this study rings true. alarm

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Do you keep food at the right temperature in your refrigerator? It is quite possible not if we are to believe a study carried out by researchers at RMIT University in Australia. By sifting through the fridges of 56 households, scientists found that 17% of them kept their food at an incorrect temperature. If you’re looking for a chiller hire company to rent a chiller while having your refrigerator is being serviced or repaired, you may contact Rental Chillers.

Problematic freezers

Remember that the recommended range is between 2 and 7°C. Some kept food in an atmosphere that was too hot, which is a factor of bacteria. In others, on the contrary, the interior was too cold, and this can damage the food, or even make it unconsumable.

“Our study found that households in general are unaware that their refrigerator can accelerate food spoilage, especially if the refrigerator temperature is higher than the norm,” points out Bhavna Middha, project manager and research officer.

It’s even worse for freezers, whose temperature is supposed to be maintained between -15°C and -20°C. However, researchers identified anomalies (too hot or too cold) in 43% of cases.

This is a real concern for the people concerned who expose themselves to the risk of food poisoning, and can also spoil food. Enough to greatly encroach on their budgets.

This also poses a problem in terms of food waste. Quoted by our colleagues from the Daily Mail, Wrap, a British association, specifies: “The food that could have been consumed would be equivalent to more than 15 billion meals, enough to feed the entire British population with 3 meals a day for 11 weeks”.

And indeed, researchers are putting forward certain proposals to rectify the situation. This is the case for the creation of a unique advice platform which would provide Internet users with the best advice for preserving their food. Enough to see things more clearly as there are several different voices on the Internet.

Scientists also want the designers and manufacturers of refrigerators to correct their copies: “Our study has revealed that fridges and freezers were too deep and lacked useful shelves to allow the user to see what they were storing, which can lead to forgetting about what they are storing. food”, adds Bhavna Middha.

What to remember:

  • Many refrigerators are defective or poorly settled
  • This exposes users to the risk of food poisoning or waste
  • It is important to be aware of the problem in order to take action

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