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The French brand Withings presents BeamO, the ultimate health device ?

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Withings has focused since its creation on the collection of health data to enable highly precise monitoring over the long term. The French company is now recognized throughout the world, particularly for its very elegant connected watches.

But the products marketed by Withings do not stop at a few tocantes. Indeed, the brand has a wide choice of devices ranging from blood pressure monitors to smart scales. At CES in Las Vegas, Withings has just presented the latest addition to the lot, BeamO.

With this device, Withings promises the analysis of several key data for monitoring a person's health. It is mainly a question of heart rate, the oxygen level in the blood or even carrying out an electrocardiogram. The French firm explains that BeamO, like its latest connected watches, is also capable of taking body temperature.

Record the sound of your organs

In addition to measuring all this data, BeamO has another interesting feature. The small bar filled with sensors has a “micro” capable of recording the sound of the heart or lungs. As a doctor would do with his stethoscope, the device will listen to the person's chest and back. Inside the small bar, a piezoelectric disk transforms these nuances of pressure into electrical energy, and therefore, into sound.

If this feature is likely to appeal to many people, we can ask ourselves the question of its usefulness. But here again, Withings assures that this data is quite simply essential for monitoring a person's health. If everyone is not able to unseal a pathology by listening to a heart recording, this is not the case for specialized doctors.

Withings BeamO : price and release date

These recordings could therefore serve as “witness” to ensure that measures taken in the future correspond to a standard in the patient. Presented this Monday in Las Vegas at CES, the Withings BeamO will be sold by the brand in the coming days at a price of 249.95 euros.

For now, the BeamO device does not have all the qualifications to be sold in Europe. The brand is particularly awaiting recognition by CE standards of product quality. He should therefore arrive in France and the old continent within a few weeks, until everything is in order from an administrative point of view.

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