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The French charging station market is booming

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The energy transition is not only good for the planet – it is also a way to create an ecosystem of innovative companies that create jobs and value. The sector still needs to demonstrate, for the most part, its profitability. But the potential and the required regulatory framework are there, which favors the heavy investments required.

Rather than focusing on the automobile manufacturer segment, our colleagues from AutoPlus have chosen to detail the charging station market in France. There are already 120,000 installed in the country – and their number should be increased to 400,000 charging stations by 2030. Good figures which now place the country in the European lead with the Netherlands and Germany.

State of the charging station market in France

Of course, to achieve this result, the government has put in place a favorable regulatory framework, in addition to relying on major energy players and startups. Tesla and its network of Superchargers, a pioneer on the issue, including in France, remains the main network on the market. But its shares are less and less overwhelming.

AutoPlus cites the case of Electra, a startup which has just raised 304 million euros. Or Powerdot which specializes in the installation of charging sites in commercial areas. The boss of the latter also specifies that the market, which had only 13 players in 2020, today has more than a hundred.

De facto, France has become one of the most competitive players in Europe in this segment. A way to prepare for the end of sales of thermal cars in 2035, as well as to stimulate the transition by removing one of the main concerns of motorists – access to a charging station.

There are still questions to be resolved, in particular better standardization between charging networks, the possibility of subscribing to more flexible multi-network subscriptions, or even the possibility in all terminals of being able to pay directly by bank card. If possible, moreover, without using a QR Code, the latter having recently shown that they were poorly suited from a security point of view

Beyond that, the multiplication of players is undoubtedly a good thing at this stage of market development, but it could prove to be a double-edged sword once the market is more mature – or if profitability margins were to decrease.

  • The French charging station market has considerably developed over the past four years.
  • Alongside Tesla, more than a hundred operators are deploying the country's ambitions.
  • France is now part of the European leader on the issue.
  • However, efforts still need to be made to mitigate the & #8217;effect of this fragmentation on customers, in particular at the subscription level.

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