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Crypto: why does Binance present a flavor ?

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Although it has had problems with the American justice system, Binance is still active. And as we approach International Women's Day, the crypto exchange has launched a new campaign in which it presents a perfume called… “Crypto”.

It's not a joke. In fact, Binance's goal is to use this campaign to introduce more women to the world of cryptocurrencies. In another tweet, Binance still appears to be promoting its perfume, but as the images scroll, we come across an ad from Binance Academy.

“This International Women’s Day, we’re on a mission to help women around the world take their first steps in crypto. To help you get started, we will be offering $25 in crypto to the first 5,000 women who take this short quiz!”, the exchange says, on the link embedded in post. The idea is therefore to attract a female audience thanks to a perfume, to then introduce them to the world of cryptocurrencies.

An assertive approach

Obviously, the approach is far from unanimous. But she is assumed. “I think the goal is to be irreverent, fun, try to push the boundaries”, Binance CMO Rachel Conlan told TechCrunch. “Even though there are always people who will be upset, we believe this opens the discussion in the right way, and what's more, we had a fully staffed team woman who worked on this.”

Otherwise, the perfume, also called Eau de Binance, really exists. “This perfume opens with refreshing notes of ozone, salt and moss, evoking the essence of a brisk and invigorating breeze. Heart notes reveal a luxurious blend of oud, mandarin and precious woods, while base notes of amber, wood and musk offer a warm, musky-sweet and earthy aroma , exuding sophistication”, indicates the marketing director.

Binance has produced 100 bottles, but will not sell any. But it will be possible to try this rather particular perfume in shopping centers in Bahrain.

  • On X, Binance presents a perfume called Crypto or Eau de Binance
  • The aim of the campaign is to direct the audience to an offer that encourages more women to be interested in cryptos< /li>
  • However, if it is not sold, the perfume really exists

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