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The French's favorite music festivals: our exclusive survey

EXCLUSIVE. Dozens of musical festivals thrill the French every year. But what are the most popular events? Our survey carried out in partnership with YouGov makes it possible to distinguish the most appreciated.

France appreciates, loves… loves music festivals! After a blank period due to the pandemic , the musical events are once again in full swing, and everything is in good shape so that these great moments of festivity can take place. maintain their fervor this year. In 2022, there were nearly 7.4 million French people attending the 100 largest French festivals, according to calculations by the specialized site. All festivals. According to the Ministry of Culture, there are nearly 4,000 music festivals in France!

Another strong point is their diversity. : there is something for all tastes and everywhere around you during the summer period, or even the rest of the year. The fact remains that among these musical events, some have a place in the world. share in the hearts of the French. What are the festivals where? the French most want to go ? The YouGov polling institute askedé the question for the Internet user à a large panel of more than 2,000 people representing the company. French.

We have carried out, with a solid methodology, five rankings. They make it possible to establish in each major musical category the favorite festivals of the French. And since these major events are in constant renewal, teeming with ideas, bringing new generations each year, & ;nbsp;we also highlighted the youngest's favorite festivals!

The French's favorite music festivals: our exclusive survey

What are the  festivals of "current music&quot? favorite of the French ?

YouGov and Linternaute askedé &agrav; a panel of French adults, who know the selected current music festivals, to give the name of the one in which they would like to go. In France, this is the category with the most musical events, with the most popular festivals at the top of the list. famous artists of France, & the image of Vieilles Charrues, Printemps de Bourges, Solidays or Nuits de Fourvière.

► The favorite festival of French people in the category "Current music" is the Vieilles Charrues festival.

What are the French's favorite rock/metal festivals ?

2 017 people responded to this question this question: which of these rock/metal festivals do you know ? Among them, 1 279 answered positively, leading us to the following question: among the current rock/metal festivals below, which is the one where? you would like to go as a priority, this year or later the future? And here are their answers:

► Favorite festival of French people in the category "Rock or metal music" is Hellfest.

What are the French's favorite electro, pop, indie and urban music festivals ?

Wide category as those of new musical trends, from electro to urban music, including pop and independent music. On a panel of French adults who are familiar with at least one of the festivals offered, 10.4% would choose the TransMusicales de Rennes, as much as the C' famous Main Square. In third place in this ranking, it is the Nuits Sonores which seem to be popular with those surveyed.

► Favorite festival of French people in the category "&eac;electro, pop, indé or urban" is the Transmusicales festival.

What are the French's favorite classical and traditional music festivals?

Side classical music and traditional music, the most popular festival among our panel of French people interviewed is, without doubt, the Interceltic Festival of Lorient, which brought together in 2022 some 900,000 festival-goers. Here is the whole story of the ranking, established thanks to 1,058 French adults knowing at least one classical and traditional music festival.

► The favorite festivalé of French people in the category "classical and traditional music" is the Lorient Interceltic Festival.


What are the French's favorite jazz festivals ?

Jazz festivals are popular in France! Bringing together several thousand festival-goers each year, these events are organized all over the country. But which one is the favorite? of the French ? We askedé &agrav; a panel of connoisseurs representative of the companyé What jazz festival would he like to go to as a priority, this year or next? the future.

► Favorite festival of French people in the "jazz" category is the Jazz in Marciac festival.

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The French's favorite music festivals: our exclusive survey

© Lucie Valais/Linternaute

Favorite music festivals for 18-34 year olds

This survey carried out by YouGov for the Internet user allows you to look into the interests of the user. to music festivals by young people, taking into account only the responses of respondents aged between 18 and 34. It appears that go  The interests of the youngest, their desires and their interests, are not the same as those of their elders. 20% of 18-34 year olds surveyed on the occasion of our survey intend to go to a festival in 2023  and 17% à several musical events. Here are the five festivals acclaimed by young French people of this class ;&age, by category:

  • Current music : the favorite festival for 18-34 year olds is the festival of Oldies Charrues ;
  • Rock/metal: the favorite festival for 18-34 year olds is the Hellfest ;
  • Éelectro/pop/indiéurban : the favorite festival ; for 18-34 year olds is the festival of Nuits Sonores ;
  • Classical/traditional music: the festival's favorite for 18-34 year olds is the Festival Interceltique  de Lorient ;
  • Jazz : the favorite festival for 18-34 year olds is the Paris Jazz Festival .

Favorite music festivals for 18-24 year olds ?

18-24 year olds have even different tastes: that’s it! which shows that the renewal of image and programming proposed by certain events works. The favorite festivals of young adults are the following, in each category: the Lollapalooza Paris festival, the Hellfest festival, the Les Nuits Sonores festival, the Grand Est'ival festival and the Paris Jazz Festival.

Here are the lessons we can draw from this study carried out by the YouGov institute for Internet users regarding the youngest:

  • Among the 18-24 year olds who responded to this question our survey, 24% plan to go to several music festivals in 2023: this is the highest rate of all age categories of students ;es.
  • In the category of current music festivals, it is the Lollapalooza Pariswhich is at the top of the festivals that 18-24 year olds plan to go to (9%). And this, ahead of Solidays (8.9%), second and Les Vieilles Charrues (8, 8%), yet popular with other age categories.
  • Like their elders, on the other hand, rock/metal festival, 18-24 year olds choose Hellfest (18%), then Rock en Seine (11%) and La Route du Rock (9%).
  • Côté electro, pop, independent and urban music, it's the festival of Nuits Sonores which is the most appreciated 18-24 year olds (16%), which is much higher than in other age categories. The Parisian MaMA Festival comes in second place (12%), ahead of the Main Square Festival (10 %).
  • If 18-24 year olds had to choose only one classical or traditional music festival from the list given, it would be Grand Est'ival! The traveling event from the great East stands out at the Lorient Interceltic Festival and the Lille Piano(s) Festival.
  • In the jazz festival category, young people aged 18 and up 24 years old would choose, from the proposed list, the Paris Jazz Festival (19%), then Jazz & ;agrave; Juan (14%) and finally, Jazz in Marciac.
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