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The international launch of the Vision Pro is taking shape: soon available in France ?

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With the launch of the Vision Pro, Apple is entering the mixed reality market, and preparing a revolution that could end the era of smartphones. But for the moment, this product is still only available in the United States, where it is sold for $3,499. But the good news, for those interested in Apple's headset, is that it could be launched in other countries as early as this first half of the year.

This is in any case what is suggested by a new publication by analyst Ming Chi Kuo on Medium. He indicates that he stands by his prediction: Apple could launch the Vision Pro in other countries before the WWDC conference, which is scheduled for June. Unfortunately, Kuo does not mention which countries might be affected.

A way to boost sales

To support his prediction, Kuo relies on demand in the United States. At launch, the Vision Pro was out of stock. But today it has calmed down. Indeed, the time to purchase the mixed reality headset would now be 3 to 5 days, which suggests that demand has fallen.

“Unless Apple reduces the price of Vision Pro or there are more attractive apps, the growth in shipments to the US market may be limited. U.S. shipments are expected to reach 200,000 to 250,000 units this year, better than Apple's initial estimate of 150,000 to 200,000 units, but it is still a niche market”, writes the analyst.

He therefore thinks that Apple could bring forward the global launch of the Vision Pro in order to improve its sales. But, on the other hand, the international launch date will also depend on the progress of Apple engineers, who will have to modify the Vision Pro software to comply with regulations in other countries.

Kuo comments on the rumors

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about users returning their Vision Pro headsets to Apple. But Ming Chi Kuo's publication indicates that the return rate would be less than 1%. In addition, 20% to 30% of these returns are caused by people who do not know how to configure the headset.

The analyst also commented on rumors about the new version of the Vision Pro headset. And he explains that the project has not yet been started by Apple. The next version of the headset would not enter mass production until the last quarter of 2025, or the first quarter of 2026. And it would not be an affordable version with more modest specifications.

“The new project focuses on improving the efficiency of production and supply chain management. procurement rather than changing specifications. The new project could reduce costs and the latest plan shows limited changes to product specifications. We therefore estimate that the user experience will not differ from the current model”, writes the analyst.

But this one It also predicts that a third version could enter production in 2027. And on this one, Apple would plan big changes.

    < li>Currently, Apple's Vision Pro headset is only available in the United States
  • But analyst Ming Chi Kuo thinks that Apple will launch its new product in other countries before WWDC, its annual conference scheduled for June
  • Indeed, after a very good start in the United States, the Vision Pro would sell less and less well
  • Thus, bringing forward the international launch would be a way to revitalize sales< /li>
  • Kuo also comments on the rumors about returns, and on the next version of the Vision Pro

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