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With the start of jury deliberations, the press is now authorized to reveal information previously kept secret.

The jury never knew that there were 8 plaintiffs to begin with.

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After 24 days of hearings, the jury in the trial of Peter Nygard began its deliberations on November 8, 2023.< /p>

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In Toronto, the jury at the trial of Peter Nygard was never informed that the number of complainants had been reduced at the last minute before the start of the trial, as well as the number of charges. The documentary of The Fifth Estateat CBC was also not used as incriminating evidence.

The Crown revealed September 11 to Judge Robert Goldstein that she had reduced the number of charges against Peter Nygard from 11 to 6 and the number of complainants from 8 to 5.

The identities of all alleged victims of Peter Nygard are protected under a publication ban.

Crown prosecutor , Neville Golwalla, however, did not give the reasons for such a change of heart, which had postponed the start of the hearings by two weeks. The law didn't require him to do it anyway.

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Peter Nygard, seen here at the Toronto courthouse, is accused of raping five women, including a minor, between 1986 and 2005.

By deduction, we can nevertheless assume at least two things:

The jury was therefore not made aware of the existence of these additional complainants and of the charges similar to the six criminal charges that Peter Nygard faces in this trial.

These were three counts of sexual assault and two counts of false imprisonment for two of the three women.

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The Toronto South Detention Centre, where Peter Nygard has been detained since his transfer from Manitoba in the fall of 2021.

The jury does not He also never knew that the Crown intended to call to trial a fourth woman who never filed a complaint against Peter Nygard in Canada, but who claims to have been assaulted in the Bahamas.

Prosecutor Golwalla, however, changed his mind about him for reasons that he did not reveal either.

The nature and circumstances of the four women's allegations cannot be revealed at this time, however, because the 2022 bail hearing remains under a publication ban.

The jury also never knew that an Ontario justice of the peace had refused to release Peter Nygard on bail after his arrest in Manitoba and his transfer to Ontario.

In this trial, Peter Nygard never appeared in the dock in prison clothes. Dressed in the same black civilian outfit, he was always seated next to his two lawyers.

The jury therefore did not see that the accused entered the courtroom every morning in handcuffs while sitting in a wheelchair before a police officer placed him in a chair. p>Open full screen

Brian Greenspan, Peter Nygard's attorney, enters the courthouse on September 26, 2023 for the start of the trial.

Lawyer Brian Greenspan further explained that it was difficult for him to meet with his client and prepare him before his testimony, because he had to go to the prison on a very strict visiting schedule. restrictive.

However, he did not immediately reveal to the court his intention to have his client testify.

In the same vein, the jury was never told that Peter Nygard faces other criminal charges in Quebec and Manitoba and that he faces extradition proceedings between Canada and the United States.

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Crown prosecutor Neville Golwalla enters the Toronto courthouse after a lunch break on the first day of the trial, September 26, 2023.

The judge also severely restricted the Crown in its cross-examination of the accused.

An entire day was devoted to studying the questions that the Crown wanted to submit to Peter Nygard.

For example, the Crown wanted to use excerpts from the CBC's The Fifth Estate report to its advantage, particularly the images that show Peter Nygard partying at his estates and on his private plane.

Prosecutors wanted to show that Peter Nygard consumed more than 27 alcohol than he let us believe in his testimony for five days.

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In this photo, taken from a video by Stephen Feralio, Peter Nygard celebrates the election of Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie in 2012, in his former office in New York.

According to the Crown, Peter Nygard was seen drinking beer in his jet, champagne at a party in New York and wine at his daughter's wedding at his Los Angeles residence. /p>

Mr Golwalla recalled that Peter Nygard had invited some of the five complainants to come and have a drink in his suite and that it was appropriate to demonstrate contradictions in the testimony of the accused, when he claims to drink very little alcohol and only wine.

The prosecutor specifies that complainant no. 2, the only minor in the group at the time of the alleged facts, had revealed in her testimony that Peter Nygard had made her drink before the alleged gang rape of three people.

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Peter Nygard's former headquarters in Toronto with the private apartments on the fifth floor.

Mr. Golwalla wanted to show that alcohol was widely available at all of the defendant's properties, including his plane, even though the plaintiffs all claim to have been assaulted in the defendant's private suite. Peter Nygard's former studio in Toronto.

The magistrate, however, told him to focus only on the presence of alcohol in the Toronto suite.

The judge further limited the scope of the testimony of Dr. Lori Haskell, the prosecution's first witness in this trial.

The defense was categorically opposed to her presence, because they feared that she would distract the jury's attention.

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Peter Nygard's bedroom on the fifth floor of his Toronto fashion atelier, where the five complainants say they were raped.

The magistrate only authorized the Crown to question the psychologist about the consequences of peritraumatic and not post-traumatic stress syndrome on a victim of rape.

Peritraumatic stress describes all of the physiological, emotional and cerebral reactions that a person victim of sexual violence could express during a traumatic event and not after the traumatic events.

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Clinical psychologist Lori Haskell, first prosecution witness to be heard at the trial of Peter Nygard.

The Crown called Dr. Haskell to the stand so that the jury understood the complexity of trauma to the human brain before calling the five complainants to testify.

The psychologist explained that traumatic events can affect the memory, judgment and reflexes of individuals who are victims.

However, she was unable to explain to the jury the consequences of post-traumatic stress on rape victims well after the commission of sexual acts disturbing.

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