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The “king” of Youtube has finally fallen

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Bollywood music label T-Series is no longer the most followed account on YouTube. His crown has indeed just been snatched away by another big name on the platform: MrBeast. World-famous, the latter now has around 269 million subscribers at the time of writing compared to 266 million for its rivals.

MrBeast garners subscribers

The young American thus shared a publication where he expresses his joy: < em>“After 6 years, we finally avenged PewDiePie”. You should in fact know that his Swedish counterpart fought for years with the Indian account to find out who would occupy first place.

MrBeast had given him his support in 2019 by putting up posters in his city. He also arrived at the Super Bowl with friends who wore T-shirts urging people to subscribe to PewDiePie.

The announcement of this switch, which he made on the social network X (formerly Twitter), did not escape its CEO, Elon Musk, who made a comment brief but positive upon hearing the news: “Wow, congratulations!” An Internet user working under the pseudonym Greg also burst out with joy: “I'm literally shaking and crying right now, I can't believe we are here. #8217;we finally did”.

Success leading to success, Mr Beast later explained: “Yesterday, we’never had so many subscribers in one day 😮” So he garnered more than 2 million subscriptions additional.

As a reminder, the man called Jimmy Donaldson ensured his triumph on YouTube by banking on the model of retention editing or “retention editing” which consists of do everything to keep the viewer in front of their screen.

MrBeast changes method

He therefore relies on thunderous sound effects, rapid cuts, flashing lights that catch the eye… Clever, the videographer has also created associated channels where his videos are translated into different languages, including French and Spanish, which ensures him worldwide success. He is also a formidable businessman and he has managed to grow his popularity by launching different activities.

Recently, MrBeast has also expressed his weariness with overly intense formats. He set an example by deliberately slowing down the pace of his videos and focusing more on narration to “let the scenes breathe, and shout less.” To learn more about this, we invite you to reread our dedicated article here.

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