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This small village ignored by tourists hides one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean

Far from the most touristy spots, this village has a secret beach that attracts visitors.

Far from the tourist crowds, a small Mediterranean village hides unsuspected treasures. Its beach is a true jewel of the Mediterranean, especially since it still welcomes relatively few tourists since it is not included in classic routes. It must be said that this little paradise is worth it since it arrives at the end of roads winding up the mountain. It's a lively two-hour drive from the large local airport. Heraklion!

This little haven of Paux is Chora Skafion in the southwest of Crete. Its small coastal village seems to have been a part of its history. forgotten by the time. With its traditional white houses, small family-run seaside taverns and picturesque harbour, it offers authentic charm away from the hustle and bustle of the island's most popular tourist destinations. &here the Greek.

This village of less than 500 inhabitants benefits first of all from an exceptional geographical location. Surrounded by the majestic White Mountains, it is the ideal starting point for exploring the spectacular gorges of the region such as those of Samaria (much more frequented) , Imbros or Sfakia. Numerous hiking trails meander along the coast, offering breathtaking panoramas. take your breath away on the turquoise sea.

This small village ignored by tourists hides one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean

The locals are renowned for their hospitality. warm. But the real star of this village is undoubtedly its Vrissi beach. Although it is easily accessible within a short distance. walking distance from the village, Vrissi beach remains relatively infrequent compared to other beaches. other spots on the island. Located right next to the hotel. West of Chora Skafion, it offers a beautiful alternative, more accessible from the center than another gem, the nearby Glyka Nera. Là low, the vertiginous cliffs with pine trees overlook a white pebble beach and à turquoise water. Là also, the beach of Glyka Nera is worth it since it is accessed by a steep path. and 30 minutes of walking. The only other way is by water taxi! She was é named by CN Traveler magazine as one of the best beaches in Greece this year.

With its crystal clear, dazzling blue waters and smooth pebbles, it offers an idyllic setting for relaxing and enjoying the sun. Visitors can thus savor its beauty, far from the crowds that flock to the neighboring Cyclades every year. A few beach bars and umbrellas are available. provision for greater comfort. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will also be delighted by the underwater life in the surrounding area. The rocky bottoms are home to many species of colorful fish. Be careful though à do not venture too far from the shore if you are not an experienced swimmer, as the depth increases quickly!

The island of Gavdos, the southernmost in Europe, is also served by ferries departing of the village. Enough to treat yourself to a getaway to this preserved island, but now well known in the summer. For more peace and quiet, a stopover for a few days at Chora Skafion is definitely a good idea. Little more, despite the fact Its small size, Chora Skafion offers everything visitors need, including several taverns serving renowned local cuisine. Goat cheese and honey pies, sp  Specialties of the Sfakia region, are thus at your disposal. absolutely delicious.

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