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580 castles but not a single inhabitant, this ghost town seems like something out of a cartoon

Castles worthy of Disney fairy tales have sprung up. like mushrooms in this city which nevertheless welcomes no inhabitants.

Imagine Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland Paris, in a more modest size of course but reproduced and multiplied in size. like a wave of a magic wand! Now observe these perfect little castles, with their pointed towers and roofs, meticulously aligning themselves with each other. side from others… This is what visitors to Burj al Babas can see today.

Unfortunately, the enchanting forest setting contrasts with the total absence of a living soul, a sign that something is not right. And for good reason, everything is up to date. abandonment! The project, launched in 2014 by the companyé Sarot Group, however, looked promising. Building on the success of two neighboring spa hotels, the company then invested $200 million in this holiday resort near the Black Sea. The small castles, inspired by Mediterranean architecture with a Gothic touch, were to attract a wealthy European clientele ;enne, Asian and Gulf, with a unit price of 350,000. 500,000 dollars. Jacuzzi, underfloor heating… each home was full of extras to satisfy a wealthy client.

But the first pitfalls soon appear. Residents protest against the flashy architecture and the destruction of nature, with black oaks and rare pines having been cut down for construction. In 2018, a lawsuit was filed against the developer for damage to the environment. The final blow will come from the Turkish financial crisis which hit the real estate sector hard that year.

580 castles but not a single inhabitant, this ghost town seems like something out of a cartoon

The Burj al Babas construction site was halted shortly after, leaving 580 castles unfinished out of the planned 700. Sarot Group is now drowning in $27 million in debt. Some point to the initial flaws of the project: homes too close together, with no privacy nor garden, with the absence of an individual swimming pool, so many elements poorly adapted to the expectations of a high-end clientele.

If the ghost complex does not welcome the expected wealthy vacationers, it nevertheless now attracts lovers of abandoned places. Despite With access banned for security reasons, bloggers and curious people venture there, fascinated by this “abandoned Disneyland”. However, there is still hope of resurrection. According to several Turkish sources, the project has been bought by an American company, NOVA Group Holdings. Burj al Babas could one day rise from its ashes and finally welcome its visitors… A happy ending worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales ?

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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