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The Pixel Watch 2 is official: 4 things to know about the Google Watch

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Since 2022, fans of connected watches have a new option: Google. Last year, the firm launched its very first Pixel Watch. And today, during the presentation of its new high-end devices, Google also lifted the veil on a new version of its connected watch: the Pixel Watch 2.

This one retains the circular appearance, which is poised to become a trademark, while making discreet design improvements. But the big new features are inside the product. Google has given the Pixel Watch 2 a new processor and new features for tracking health, wellness and physical activities.

1 – The same design, but better

As mentioned above, Google has kept the circular design. The diameter of the screen is still 41 mm and it is still protected by Gorilla Glass 5, with the same brightness at 1000 nits maximum and always-on mode (screen always on). On the other hand, Google has revised the case. Made from 100% recycled aluminum, this allows the watch to be lighter.

For appearance, Google is also banking on its new bracelets, including the new thin metallic bracelets, as well as a wide choice of sports bracelets. Otherwise, the Pixel Watch 2 is offered in 4 color combinations: Polished Silver/Azure Blue, Matte Black/Volcanic Black, Champagne Gold/Sage Green and Polished Silver/Porcelain.

The Pixel Watch 2 is official: 4 things to know about the Google Watch

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2 – Improved performance and autonomy

As for the processor, Google replaced the Exynos 9110 chip in the Pixel Watch with a Qualcomm SW5100 chip engraved in 4 nm. On the Pixel Watch 2, this chip is accompanied by the Cortex M33 co-processor. Battery capacity has also increased.

In any case, using this new processor should result in an even smoother experience. And now, Google claims 24 hours of battery life with the screen always on.

3 – Big improvements in tracking

Monitoring health, well-being and physical exercise is one of the most important elements on a connected watch. And in this area, the Pixel Watch 2 brings many improvements compared to the previous model.

Indeed, the Pixel Watch 2 uses a brand new heart rate sensor which improves measurements, thanks to a multi-point mode. In summary, the watch is capable of measuring heart rate from multiple points and angles. And this allows you to have more precision, regardless of the intensity of the physical activity.

Google also uses this sensor with an AEDc (continuous electrodermal activity to measure variations in sweat) and a temperature sensor to detect the user's stress level. When stress is detected using these signals, the watch can send a notification and suggest doing breathing exercises or taking a walk.

And, of course, Google continues to focus on stress tracking. exercise with the Pixel Watch 2, with some improvements for this feature. Furthermore, the watch does not just take measurements, since it can also act as a sort of virtual coach. For example, during exercise, if the watch detects that the user is slowing down, it can recommend that they keep a constant pace.

The Pixel Watch 2 is official: 4 things to know about the Google Watch

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Otherwise, among the other sensors present, there is SpO2 for oxygen saturation, as well as a set of electrical sensors compatible with ECG applications.

4 &#8211 ; Price and availability

With the Pixel Watch 2, Google offers an improved version of the watch that it launched in 2022. The prices do not change, since the Wifi version costs 349 euros and the LTE version costs 399 euros. The Pixel Watch 2 has been available since October 4 and is offered with a free Fitbit Premium subscription for 6 months.

  • Google launches its second connected watch, the Pixel Watch 2< /li>
  • This has a more efficient processor and better battery life
  • Google has also improved the sensors for monitoring health and well-being

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