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What is a “Chromebook Plus”? The new anti- Windows from Google

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In addition to dominating the smartphone market with its Android operating system, Google is also present on PCs. The company has been offering the ChromeOS operating system for more than 10 years, intended for affordable computers that are efficient enough for everyday tasks. ChromeOS does not have a market share comparable to that of Windows. However, in recent years, Google's PC OS has evolved quite a bit. And this week, the company is taking the next step by announcing a new type of Chromebook called “Chromebook Plus”.

In summary, this is a new category of Chromebook that assures the user that they will benefit from good performance and more features. Google has worked with a few brands to launch new machines that will have this “Chromebook Plus” certification.

More efficient Chromebooks

These machines must have, at least, an Intel Core processor i3 12th generation or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series. They must also have 8 GB of RAM, and a minimum of 128 GB of storage. For videoconferencing, webcams must offer 1080p resolution with temporal noise reduction. And the screen must have Full HD resolution.

“Buying a laptop is harder than it should be. You can easily get lost in a sea of ​​numbers and technical specifications, and it's difficult to know which products will actually give you what you need, at the price you want,” explains Google. With its Chromebook Plus certification, the firm offers a simple way to recognize Chromebooks that offer high performance.

Chromebooks for the AI ​​era

Compared to the best-selling Chromebooks between July 2022 and December 2022, Chromebook Plus certified machines therefore have higher performance and twice as much RAM. Video conferencing is of higher quality and these machines can handle slightly heavier tasks, such as photo or video editing.

But on top of that, it seems that with Chromebook Plus, Google is also preparing its operating system for the era of artificial intelligence. Indeed, on these machines, the firm will offer new features based on generative artificial intelligence (to improve text, generate a wallpaper, etc.).

The Photos application will have new AI-based tools, including the Magic Eraser. And AI will even make it possible to replace the background with a background generated from prompts, during video conferences.

Chromebook Plus are offered by brands like Acer, Asus, HP and even Lenovo. In the United States, the cheapest model will cost $399. And Google has already announced the arrival of this new type of Chromebook in Europe this October.

  • After the Chromebook, here are the Chromebook Plus
  • This new type of machine, certified by Google, has superior technical data sheets
  • They will also have special features based on artificial intelligence

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