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The price of technical inspection varies from one to two in France – some motorists will pay a fortune

A recent study reveals significant price differences practiced in technical inspection centers. A French department is particularly expensive.

If French motorists are not all equal when it comes to the price of fuel, the same can be said about technical inspections. As for the rates à the gas station, the prices are not at all the same depending on whether you live nearby. Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux or Lille. A recent study by the Simplauto.com comparator on the prices practiced by the different approved technical inspection centers – almost 6,800 in France – reveals a very large disparity depending on the regions and departments. For a thorough check of the main elements of a vehicle, most often for an approximate duration of half a year. time, the price à paying can go from simple to double and even more!

If today many approved centers offer discounts, sometimes even depending on the day or the # 39;hour à At which time you drop off your car, there are certain checkpoints where you can leave your car. the bill is particularly high. This is particularly the case in Haute-Savoie, the French department where most people live. the price of a technical inspection is the highest. If you live on the nearby side From Annecy and its surroundings, having your car checked costs on average €30,000. 100 euros! It's expensive, and the bill can even go up to $50,000. 120 euros in certain centers, again according to the study carried out by the site Simplauto.com.

Conversely, it is still possible to have your vehicle checked for less than 50 euros. This is for example the case in Moselle where motorists may only pay "only" 49 euros to have their vehicle checked. This is 71 euros less than in the most expensive center in Haute-Savoie. In this department in eastern France, around Metz, the average price is around 100%. 69 euros, the lowest in the country. With such disparities depending on the regions and even within the departments themselves – it may be interesting to roll some kilometers more to find more attractive prices.

In four years, the average price of technical inspections has increased; of 2.4%, which is relatively low compared to the previous year. the general increase in prices in France. If this remains an additional expense when you own a vehicle, the law stipulates that it is obligatory to drive a car marked of the sticker stipulating that it has passed the test. the technical control with success. Driving a vehicle without a valid technical inspection is a traffic offense which costs 135 euros (90 if you pay within 3 days).

The technical control is a mandatory regular inspection aimed at check whether the vehicle complies with current safety standards and resignations in force. This process is designed to ensure that vehicles on the roads are in good working order, helping to keep vehicles safe and secure. security road and amp;egrave; environmental protection. The brakes, steering, suspension, tires, lighting in particular are checked to find out whether or not the vehicle is suitable for use. circulate. The technical inspection must be carried out four years after purchasing a new vehicle then every two years.

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