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The sentence of the two ex-Tigers players known in March

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Ex-players guilty of sexual assault Massimo Siciliano and Nicolas Daigle (Archive photo)

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The sentencing hearings for the two ex-Victoriaville Tigres players guilty of sexual assault will take place from March 18 to 21. Nicolas Daigle and Massimo Siciliano pleaded guilty on the first day of their trial, October 11.

One ​​of them, Nicolas Daigle, also admitted to having filmed the 17-year-old victim without her knowledge in addition to making the content of this video accessible.

The prosecutor, Me Michel Bérubé, indicated that the victim could be heard during the sentencing hearings.

The defense lawyers have indicated that they will, among other things, call on sexological expertise.

Judge Thomas Jacques will then make a decision on the sentence that the ex-players will have to serve.

During the hearing to determine the dates, Me Patricia Hénault, the lawyer representing a consortium of media, including Radio-Canada, requested that the sealing and non-publication orders on the evidence presented during the preliminary hearings are adjourned. The defense had first tried to exclude from the trial the evidence collected by the police on the phones of the two ex-players.

A date for each of the parties can make observations regarding this request, however, it could not be determined due to the lack of availability of each of them.

Judge Thomas Jacques therefore asked the media lawyer to produce her request in writing. The parties will be able to read it and decide together on a date to hear it and put forward their arguments.

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