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The Simpsons: 5 must-see episodes of the series

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Is it necessary to introduce them ? These strange yellow men have been brightening up televisions around the world since 1989. The Simpsons have several hundred episodes and no less than 35 seasons over counter. Let's take advantage of the weekend to remember five notable episodes from the Matt Groening saga.

Grandpa Simpson suffers a heart attack and ends up in the hospital. As he goes to his bedside, Homer learns some astonishing news: he has a half-brother whose existence he was completely unaware of.

After a little investigation, he discovers that the latter is none other than Herbert Powell, an American billionaire based in Detroit who runs a major automobile manufacturer. The latter will entrust his half-brother with an essential mission: to design the car dreamed of by the average American.

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The entire Simpson family goes to a zoo in Springfield. Lisa then meets a cute little lamb who remains engraved in her memory. In the evening, while the meal includes lamb chops, she cannot bring herself to eat meat.

The young girl will then confront a carnivorous society, whether it is her family or his friends at school. At the same time, Homer has decided to organize a giant barbecue with the main personalities of the city.

In this double episode, we observe everything First, the extent to which Mr. Burns, the local entrepreneur, pushes most of the residents of Springfield to their limits. From young children to people in retirement homes, everyone has reason to hate him.

One night, the latter is the victim of a gunshot and the police must find the culprit. The investigation is fascinating and filled with humor until a very surprising final outcome that we let you discover.

Frank Grimes is a model new employee at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Very fussy and motivated, he ends up clashing with Homer who stands out for his relaxation and his unfailing laziness.

Little by little, we see this man sink into jealousy until he is invited to dinner with the Simpsons where he ends up completely spiraling. We won't say more so as not to spoil the surprise, but this episode is certainly worth the detour.

In this Christmas episode, Bart faces temptation from an ad he saw on TV. The video game Bonestorm literally makes the child drool, but he is met with categorical refusal from his mother who finds it too expensive.

He then decides to go to the store to steal the game. This was without counting on the intervention of a security guard who spotted him. He ends up letting him go, but not without threatening the teenager: if he sees him there again, he will have him sent to the juvenile prison.

Homer is convinced that his two friends Lenny and Carl are hiding a secret from him. He decides to follow them and then realizes that they belong to a secret society that runs the world in the shadows: the stonecutters.

He then does everything to get in and ends up learning that his father is also part of the fraternity. The Simpsons then join the brotherhood and it's the start of a new adventure full of twists and turns.

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