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The sun and the heat finally return to France on this date!

The sun and the heat are struggling to settle in. The next few days will bring hope, but for how long ?

Spring is particularly rainy and with temperatures below seasonal norms. marked by the "omega blocking". A clever new name to explain to us that it's ugly and cool. With this phenomenon, cold air at altitude remains blocked. on the near Atlantic and France, stucké between two very stable anticyclonic air masses in a so-called omega blocking situation, explains Météo France .

In any case, the return of the sun is long overdue, as the month of June begins. But good news: an anticyclone above of the Atlantic is getting closer to France and should change the situation in the coming days. Arriving from the west, it will bring dry weather to most regions, despite the weather. a few showers still in the northern part. From Monday June 3, some clearings will appear in 2/3 of the country, dissipating the few morning grays. ;ratures will climb towards the 20 degree mark and will thus reach seasonal norms. 

The sun and the heat finally return to France on this date!

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But the date of the return of the sun and spring is a little further away: it is ' From Wednesday onwards the summer impression will really assert itself. The sun and the heat will prevail. In the middle of the week, it will be between 19 and 21 degrees this summer. Channel, 23à 27° in half north and 23 à 30° in the south according to La Chaine Météo. 30 degrees could even be exceeded in some southern localities, estimated values worthy of a month of July. Comparing over a week, certain corners of France could gain around ten degrees.

Unfortunately, this time is not expected to last. The weather could deteriorate from the following weekend with unstable and stormy conditions, arriving from the southwest. A trend which could be confirmed during the month of June. La Chaine météo announces, in fact,&nbsp ;for the rest of the month humid heat, a little above seasonal norms, but also possible stormy degradations. These forecasts will be &agrav; confirm &agrav; as the deadlines approach. It therefore seems that we will have to take advantage of these few sunny days.

Météo France also shared its forecasts for the summer. For the June, July&August quarter, the specialized siteé “Warmer than normal conditions” are forecast as the most likely scenario going forward. 50% or even 70% for Mediterranean cities. For the moment, no certainty regarding potential heatwave periods. For precipitation , forecasts remain more uncertain, despite possibly drier weather than before normal in the southwest and the Mediterranean rim.

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