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Blade Runner: what awaits us in the Amazon Prime Video series

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In 2022, Ridley Scott formalized the production of the series Blade Runner 2099 which follows the first two films in the franchise. The latter will be offered on Amazon Prime Video with a release planned for 2025, although no precise date has yet been provided.

A detail that matters

In the meantime, the recent announcement of the recruitment of Michelle Yeoh has not gone unnoticed. The actress will indeed play Olwen, a replicant who is “close to the end of her life” according to known information.

This reference appealed to fans of the franchise. We know in fact that the lifespan of these humanoid clones is significant in Blade Runner. The first film particularly emphasizes the short life of the Nexus-6 who only have 4 years left to prevent them from developing human memories and emotions.

However, as our colleagues from Screenrant rightly point out, Blade Runner 2049 was a game changer on this subject. Thus, Nexus-8 type replicants can have memories implanted, which increases their lifespan. Except that this project ultimately failed to give birth to the Nexus-9 responsible for putting them out of harm's way.

A Shogun director at the helm

It will therefore be interesting to see how Blade Runner 2099 will address this issue, but the fact that this detail on Michelle Yeoh's character has been given confirms that this will have some impact. importance in the story.

While waiting to know a little more, particularly regarding the casting and to obtain a more precise release date of this production, we can recall that it is headed by Jonathan van Tulleken, who directed the first two episodes of this mini-series.

The latter is anything but a newcomer since he has already participated in creations such as Shogun or even Gap Year, Misfits, Trust, and < em>Reprisal. What do you think of the first details we have on Blade Runner 2099 ? Let us know in the comments.

What to remember:

  • Blade Runner 2099 series expected to premiere in 2025 on Amazon Prime Video
  • Actress Michelle Yeoh will play the lead role: a replicant named Olwen described as “near the end of her life& ;#8221;
  • This detail matters, because the life expectancy of humanoids is often at the heart of the saga's plot

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