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The unlocking revolution: soon, blowing on your smartphone will be enough!

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In the 80s/90s, we used to blow through our good old video game cartridges. A “magic breath” which generally allowed a slightly recalcitrant game to start again (even if the practice is in reality to be avoided, particularly for oxidation concerns, as Nintendo had recently reminded us). Still, the magical breath of your childhood could soon allow the adult that you are today to become a part of life. to unlock your smartphone.

Unlock your smartphone… with his breath ?

Indeed, according to the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, aiming to determine the signs of respiratory anomaly in the exhaled breath, it was observed that artificial intelligence is able to detect , with quite impressive precision, to whom the breath belongs.

In total, 94 people took part in the experiment, and the AI ​​was able to determine, up to 97%, the owner of each breath, thanks to to a “respiratory imprint” coming from each person's respiratory tract. A bit like our fingerprints, each breath would have its own biometric signature.

You understand, by extrapolating a little, we could one day unlock our smartphones, not with our fingerprint and/or facial recognition, but simply by blowing on our smartphone .

However, it will first be necessary to optimize the technology, since if the AI ​​managed to differentiate the participants during a classic expiration, the precision began to waver as soon as the parameters became more difficult, with a success rate going from 97% to only 50%.

In addition, even though the Indian institute boasts a “unique unlocking method&#8220 ;, the sensor and the AI ​​will need to be able to adapt to the numerous variants that can alter the exhaled breath (alcohol, viruses).

Certainly, the technology could open the door to a new form of biometric unlocking, which would also be the only one impossible to use after the death of the user, but the system must first be refined. It remains to be seen which will be the first smartphone capable of unlocking from its owner's breath, including just after waking up in the morning…

Remember that to strengthen the security of its iPhone, Apple recently introduced a new feature which allows, in the event of theft, to block access to certain features.

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