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This Absolutely Awesome Monkey Completed Minecraft Game (Video)

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This is not the first time he has been talked about. Kanzi, a 43-year-old bonobo monkey who lives in captivity in the United States, is known for his extraordinary intelligence. The latter recently discovered a hobby that allows him to stretch his brain a little more.

Kanzi tries to socialize while playing

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Indeed, American YouTuber ChrisDaCow tried to see if Kanzi was capable of playing one of the most popular titles in the video game industry: Minecraft. Carried out in partnership with the Ape Initiative, this experiment was the subject of several videos as spotted by Konbini.

In July, the bonobo performed a first initiation. Of course, learning to play is not that simple, and to help him concentrate, humans take care to reward his good deeds with food.

Very recently, a new video was released, and we can see how much he has progressed. He manages to complete the game by defeating the legendary Ender Dragon. For the occasion, Kanzi is accompanied by another monkey Teco, who is making his debut. Success is of course not innate for these animals and it is important to guide them step by step to meet these challenges.

While fans cheered for the bonobo, many spoke about wanting to adopt a monkey. ChrisDaCow wanted to calm their ardor and explained that it was in no way a pet. For his part, researcher Jared Taglialatela who accompanied this experiment explained that Kanzi sees this game above all as a way to socialize and likes people to watch him in action. This is again a common trait with humans.

A dog fond of speedrunning

As a reminder, this is not the first time that we have tried to get him to play video games animals. A few months ago, we mentioned the case of Peanut Butter, this shiba inu dog who specialized in speedrunning.

The latter thus managed to complete the NES game Gyromite in just 25 minutes and 29 seconds. To achieve this feat, his master, JSR_, prepared him a special controller with four buttons A B, the two buttons, and Select. The animal is then stimulated via a reward system to make it accomplish certain tasks and advance in the game. You can learn about its prowess in more detail by rereading our article here.

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