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The Victoires de la Musique 2024 or the triumph of Zaho de Sagazan

A look back at the notable moments of the evening and the winners of the Victoires de la musique, which were held on February 9, 2024. the Seine Musicale of Boulogne-Billancourt.

The coronation of Zaho de Sagazan. Friday February 9 took place the 39th ceremony of the Victoires de la Musique, & agrave; the musical Seine of Boulogne-Billancourt, on the outskirts of Paris. The evening, presented by the unique duo Léa Salamé and Cyril Féraud, was chaired by the singer Zazie. Among the highlights of the evening, the magnificent sequence around Bernard Lavilliers, who received a Victory of Honor for his entire career.

The 2024 Victories will also have been announced. marked by a rare event: a tie between the two prizes for Male Artist of the Year, with which Vianney and Gazo, who normally oppose everything, leave. Another notable moment of the evening, the moving tribute to Jane Birkin or by the consecration of rap, which the organizers wanted to be more represented. and who will have seen rewards from Gazo,  Aya Nakamura, Damso or Yamê.

But the greatest triumph of these 39th Victoires de la Musique will remain that of Zaho de Sagazan, who leaves with four trophies – out of five nominations – for his first album, La symphonie des éclairs , awarded of the Victory of the album and the Original Song for the eponymous title. the Victory of Female Revelation and scene of the year.

The complete winners of the Victoires de la musique 2024

  • Audiovisual creation: Commando Shay
  • Male artists: Vianney and Gazo
  • Concert: Damso
  • Original song: La symphonie des éclairsZaho de Sagazan
  • Album: La symphonie des éclairsZaho de Sagazan< /strong>
  • Revelation scene: Zaho de Sagazan
  • Female Revelation:  Zaho de Sagazan
  • Male Revelation: Yamê
  • Female artist: Aya Nakamuza

For these 2024 Victoires de la Musique, only one category was submitted to public votes: that of the Original Song of the Year. Another change in this 2024 edition: the composition of the Académie des Victoires, which until now brought together 800 voters – 600 professionals from the sector; re musical and 200 voters from the public, is now made up of 882 people, all professionals in the field, with a better representation of live performance.

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