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This village has been voted among the most beautiful in France, a star has made it his refuge

It is a discreet and authentic village where; It’s good to stroll around. Many stars have fallen in love there, including an emblematic figure of the French audiovisual landscape.

Ideally located in the heart of the Alpilles massif, this Provencal village located in the heart of the Alpilles mountains. &agrav; a few kilometers from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence has attracted walkers and stars alike, and very recently the prestigious luxury travel magazine new- Yorkies Condé Nast Traveler, which puts it at the top of its list of the 13 most beautiful villages in France. You will be édazzled by its green expanses, its vineyards and its fields of olive trees   as far as the eye can see, creating an enchanting natural canvas. A decor worthy of the most beautiful postcards of Provence! You can admire its oratories, fountains and wash houses, before stopping in its charming cafés and restaurants on the edge of the Town Hall or at the local market. Friday morning.

Welcome to Eygalières! This confidential village, lost in the southern scrubland, is home to magnificent Provencal farmhouses with restored ;eacute;s. In one of these tastefully decorated residences, a television star has taken up residence there with his wife. In this former family home since the 1970s, he discreetly organizes business lunches, before getting on his bike for a walk around Mont Ventoux… it's Michel Drucker!

In his work It takes time to stay youngpublished in 2018, the star host of Vivement Dimanche says he forgets the TV sets. in this peaceful retreat, thus becoming the "guy of Eygalières". It is also in this same work that he reveals that another immense star has taken up residence not far from his white stone house, which includes a lavender field and a large swimming pool… It's the British actor Hugh Grant! "Çgot people talking in the village", he confided, "But it's the same concern, I don't believe that Hugh Grant, which I also appreciate very much, as friendly as ever. the city that'à the screen, can become what we call a friend.

This village has been voted among the most beautiful in France, a star has made it his refuge

If you decide to put your bags down at Eygalières, the village is the ideal starting point for exploring around the emblematic sites of the Alpilles. At the top of the Bausset hill, the ruins of the old village overlook one of the most beautiful panoramas of Provence. The view of the Alpilles, the Caume mountain and the Durance is breathtaking. In the surrounding area, the Saint-Sixte chapel is worth a small visit ;round. This 12th century Romanesque chapel dominates a small rocky hill. 

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