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Théo affair: “derisory” sentences for the three police officers tried ?

Almost seven years after the violent arrest of Théodore Luhaka, & Aulnay-sous-Bois, sentences of three months & three years' suspended prison sentence was given to him. required against the police officers in question. The verdict is expected this Friday.

"You will perhaps think that these sentences may seem derisory." Here are the first words spoken by the"# 39;general lawyer, Loïc Pageot, this Friday, January 19, when recalling his requisitions in the trial of the ;Théo case between Théodore Luhaka, 22 years old at the time of the facts, and three police officers tried for intentional violence.

Suspended prison sentences of six and three months were requested by the accused lawyer. ral à against JéréDulin and Tony Hochart, prosecuted for intentional violence. The heaviest sentence was given té required &agrav; against the peacekeeper, Marc-Antoine Castelain, prosecuted for intentional violence leading to an infirmity permanent: three years suspended prison sentence, five years ban on practicing on public roads and five years ban on carrying weapon. The magistrate justifiedé these sentences by "the absence of judicial history of the three accused and the long time which took place"#39; 39;elapsed since the arrest.

Face à These sentences, the victim's lawyer, Antoine Vey, insisted on remind that "this trial is not the trial of the police […] of bad luck, of accident or legitimate violence, this is the trial of illegitimate violence by people who wear the badge of the guardian of the peace. he added.

The victim, now 29 years old and seriously injured the anus by a baton blow received on February 2, 2017, retains irreversible after-effects despite the attack. two operations. "Regarding the required sentences: I am not in justice. As long as they are convicted' ;s for what they did, everything suits me, expressed himself the young man who says he feels like a "living dead" since his arrest. The court, which withdrew in the middle of the morning, should deliver its verdict during the day.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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