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Théo affair: the sentence handed down against the police officers satisfies almost everyone

The three police officers mixed in with the police the violent arrest of Théodore Luhaka in 2017 à Aulnay-sous-Bois were é sentenced Friday evening to penalties ranging from three to three twelve months suspended prison sentence.

Seven years after the violent arrest of Théo Luhaka in 2017 à Aulnay-sous-Bois, justice has delivered its verdict. The police officer who had seriously injured him the young man &agrav; the anus by a blow with a truncheon, rendering him crippled, was condemned &agrav; twelve months suspended prison sentence. The two other police officers present during the arrest received three months suspended prison sentences. "It's a decision of appeasement, it's a decision that we take as a victory because it comes to say once again that Théo éwas a victim that day", greetedé Théo’s lawyer, M Vey.

“What we remember in this case is the conviction of the police officers,” Théo's sister at the microphone of BFMTV. According to her, her brother "was never' in revenge" : "The most important thing, for him, was that the truthé be restored." The police officers' lawyers also appreciated the decision. a “measured, moderate” judgment. being condemned for a misdemeanor but not for a crime,” said Me Thibault de Montbrial, the lawyer for the main accused.

Required "dericory" sentences ?

On Thursday, the attorney general demanded three years suspended prison sentence against Marc-Antoine Castelain, 34 years old and author of the baton attack. The jurors ultimately found him guilty of intentional violence, but did not take into account the fact that the blow had led to the attack. an infirmity permanent of the victim. In addition to his suspended prison sentence, the police officer was also fined. condemned &agrav; five years banned from exercising on public roads and five years banned from carrying weapons. J&rémie Dulin, 42 years old, and Tony Hochart, 31 years old, therefore received a three-month suspended sentence while the lawyer General had asked six and three months suspended prison sentence. 

Regarding the sentences requested on Thursday, which were moreover more severe than those finally given, the ;#39;general lawyer, Me Loïc Pageot, had estimated that earlier in the day this Friday that they were perhaps going to appear derisory" , before justifying them by "the absence of prior legal records" of the three accused and the long time that has passed since the arrest. "As long as they are condemned for what they did, everything suits me", had his side assured the victim, who said he felt like a "living dead" since his arrest. Today, 29 years old, Th Th o Luhaka has irreversible after-effects despite ; two operations. À At the end of the trial on Friday evening, he did not want to be heard. express yourself.

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