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These rewards for Diablo IV can be exchanged for... human blood !” /></p>
<p> © Blizzard </p>
<p>Available on consoles and PC since the beginning of summer, Diablo IV continues to bring together many players around the world, thanks to numerous events organized by its publisher Blizzard. The latest companion is intended to be particularly bloody, and comes at the right time for the Halloween period. Indeed, Blizzard is bringing into play various bonus items and weapons for Diablo IV, but also a personalized PC, with a liquid cooling system which would contain… human blood. To participate, players must donate… of their blood.</p>
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A campaign to encourage blood donation

This is in fact the principle of this new event called “Blood Harvest”, the objective of which is to reward players who have decided to donate blood. To participate, players are therefore invited to contact a blood donation center in the country, and must subsequently register their donation on the dedicated site, in order to increase the objective set by Blizzard, namely 666 liters (obviously) of blood.

In order to motivate the troops, Blizzard cut its objective in three sections. Also, 33% of participants received weapon cosmetics, namely Bloodpetal Anlace, Bloodpetal Sever, Bloodpetal Heart, Bloodpetal Blade, and Bloodpetal Bludgeon.

When the goal reaches 66% (it is currently at 39%), players will be able to receive new Loch Raech Maor barbarian armor. Finally, 100%, a Vermilion Eye Pie Bald frame will be offered to all generous donors.

These rewards for Diablo IV can be exchanged for... human blood!

© Blizzard

Finally, all participants in this “Blood Harvest” will participate in a competition allowing one lucky person to leave with a customized PC, which benefits from a liquid cooling system containing human blood. A PC built around an Intel Core i9-13900K processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU graphics card, not to mention 64 GB of DDR5 RAM, and 3 TB of M.2 NVMe SSD storage. /p>

Recall that Diablo IV has recently entered the “season of blood“, in which an army of vampires terrorizes Sanctuary, seizing the blood of innocent for their dark master. Enough to find in particular 5 new high-level bosses, including new monsters and other well-known ones.

  • Diablo IV offers a new challenge to say the least &#8220 ;bloody”
  • The game invites players to donate their blood, to obtain various in-game items
  • The first prize is a personalized PC, equipped with 8217;a liquid cooling system based on… human blood, necessarily

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