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How did a 14 year old boy develop soap anti-cancer?” /></p>
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<p>What were you doing at 14? Regardless, it will be difficult to compete with Heman Beleke, the latest winner of the prestigious 3M Young Scientist Challenge. In preparation for the latter, young Heman constructed a soap capable of fighting skin cancer.</p>
<p>By mixing salicylic acids, glycolic acids and tretinoin, he was able to reactivate < i>dendritic cells</i>of a sick person. These cells play a big role in protecting the skin against external threats, so they are essential to prevent the risk of cancer, but also to fight effectively against disease once it has arrived.</p>
<h2> An inexpensive, functional soap</h2>
<p>This completely extraordinary invention allowed young Heman to win the competition and the $25,000 prize that went with it. He has not yet specified how he plans to use this money, but the young boy, who already dreams of becoming an engineer, is leaving with a real boost in life.</p>
<p>Because his invention is far from being a little college student’s discovery. John Banovetz, executive vice president, director of technology and environmental responsibility for the competition, assured that this invention would “redefine the field of possibilities” in the fight against skin cancer.</p>
<p>The other very good news for the world of research is that the formula put in place by Heman Belekene only costs 50 cents to produce, in other words the anti-cancer soap invented by the young boy will not really be more expensive. Buy another solid soap. A real commercial advantage in the event of a future large-scale sale.</p>
<h2><b>Skin cancer, a little-known disease</b></h2>
<p>She affects around 200,000 people every year in France, yet skin cancer is still little known by the general public and misunderstood by the medical community. Diagnoses are rare and yet the original cause of the disease is very often the same.</p>
<p>As Public Health France explains, more than 80% of skin cancers occur after too much high exposure to UV rays from the Sun. The best way to avoid developing the risk of skin cancer is to expose yourself moderately, to take into account the UV index when going out or to use plenty of sunscreen during days outside. high exposure (beach, but also outings for winter sports).</p>
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