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They are on all car windshields, what are black dots for ?

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Automotive mysteries often hide unsuspected details… and black spots on the edges of your windshield are no exception! Although they may seem innocuous and decorative, these black spots actually play essential roles in the functionality and durability of windshields. All vehicle models, regardless of the brand, integrate these small points for very specific reasons that we will explore.

Technical reasons

You should know that from the first stages of windshield manufacturing, these black spots appear. Their primary usefulness lies in facilitating the adhesion of the glue used to fix the profile to the vehicle pillar. By making the surface of the window a little rougher, these points provide better protection and optimal fixation of the window.

Furthermore, the windshield which has a certain curvature requires uniform distribution of heat during its shaping in the oven. The black outline with a small dot finish is an ingenious solution adopted by manufacturers to avoid excessive and uneven heating of the glass. If the edge were a simple straight line, the glass could heat up too quickly, resulting in potential unwanted distortion.

These black dots also provide protection against ultraviolet rays, explains the official Suzuki website in Belgium. The black color of these points is chosen to protect the glue which fixes the window to the pillar: prolonged exposure to UV rays could alter the adhesive properties of the glue and the safety of the windshield.

An aesthetic part

If the technical part is the most important, the aesthetic aspect is not totally neglected. In fact, these black dots help to hide any glue residue for a cleaner and more harmonious finish to the entire windshield. We thus have a natural transition between the glass and the bodywork.

As for the black dots that we observe around the upper rearview mirror in the center of the vehicle, their function is a little different. The goal here is primarily aesthetic: some designers believe that this dotted edge offers a more refined appearance to the overall look. Additionally, these points can help reduce the reflection of the sun's rays a little to reduce driver glare. That said, it's not always blatant.

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