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They don't give never give these foods to their children, these pediatricians agree to tell everything

In the education of children, there is the teaching of rules and limits. You have to know how to say no. Here's what specialists never give you. their own children.

Being a good parent is something you learn every day. Among the conflict situations that often arise in many homes are mealtimes. “Don't leave the table!” your knife", "you have eaten enough; of fries… At the table, in front of the plates, there is no shortage of moments to teach the little ones what is forbidden.

Are desserts and snacks conflicting at your house? Does your child make a scene to get candy or Nutella toast? Rest assured, all parents go through this. and it is even quite common for many. But remains to be seen; know whether, in these family situations, you need to be strict or provide a little flexibility to avoid unpleasant anger.

Being too rigid only ever brings frustration and even a breakup between parents and children. But there are still things to consider. Absolutely avoid. Taking the advice of specialists or other parents is always good. But when parents are specialists themselves, the advice is even more valuable. Several pediatricians who are also parents recently told the Huffington Post what they never give to the Huffington Post. their offspring. Here is the list of foods concerned:

1. Hard candies. Professor Christina Johns explains to the newspaper that while she tolerates a few deviations, hard candies are completely absent in her home. This specialist prescribes I hope you never have to worry about it. the house.

2. Highly processed foods.Candice Jones, as for She says she avoids giving to others. children from foods highly processed by industry, such as Bolognese sauces, slices of meat sold in industrial plastic containers, or freeze-dried noodles that are too fatty or salty. p>

3. Energy drinks. Professor Yami Cazorla-Lancaster warns against energy drinks, due to the overdose of caffeine. This is an unsuitable product. to children.

4. Certain fish. More surprisingly, fish such as mackerel, marlin, swordfish, tuna, and others are avoided by the professor  ;Elizabeth Davis, who prefers not to give them to younger children. The cause: they are rich in mercury.

5. Fruit juices and sodas. Professor Jennifer Trachtenberg says she never serves juice at home. children because of their high concentrated sugar content. and in corn syrup high fructose content. Instead, she encourages water and fiber-rich fruits.

6. Unpasteurized dairy productsElizabeth Davis, as for she, does not allow anyone to children to consume unpasteurized dairy products: this is an official recommendation in France for children under 5 years old, even if few people know it .

Of course, parents cannot completely prevent their children from tasting food. foods that we would like to never see on their plate. Occasional exceptions, such as at a birthday party, are not serious. The important thing is that the eating routine put in place is the right one.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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