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This Amazing Recipe Helps Stop Car Window Fogging

This product, which we use every day, prevents fogging on the windows of our car for a long time.

When we take a shower and steam settles on the bathroom mirror, it's annoying but that doesn't stop us to dry off and get dressed immediately. It's most annoying when you get into a car in the morning and all the glass surfaces are covered in mist. However, the phenomenon is frequent in autumn and winter due to more humid nights. When this happens, there are two solutions: wait until the ventilation makes the fog disappear or take a cloth and rub all the corners of your windshield and of its windows. Whichever option you choose, it takes several minutes. Not always practical à time to leave for work or drop off the kids at school…

Fortunately, some automotive specialists have shared their opinion. a tip to prevent mist from forming on car windows. For this, no need to buy a spray. around ten euros in commerce. All you need is a product that you use daily and that you find in every bathroom: a soap. The method couldn't be simpler. Simply moisten one side of a flat soap and pass it over the entire interior surface of the windshield and the side windows. You must then remove the traces left by the soap with a damp cloth and that's it.

Even if it is not visible at all With the naked eye, this operation creates a thin layer of soap which will act as a barrier to the skin. fogging. For several days, even weeks, the humidity increases. present in the passenger compartment of the car can no longer be deposited on the windows. No more visibility problems. and wasted time à wait until the air in the ventilation system heats up to defog the tiles. And as soon as the phenomenon happens again, it's time to take back your soap, clean your windows and create a new dam à mist.

Even if this can pass through the head of any motorist, it is important to remember that it is forbidden to take the road in a vehicle with visibility strongly reduced. Driving without seeing much rarely saves time but does greatly increase the risk of causing an accident. Driving a vehicle with an obstructed windshield is also punishable by law, the offense is punishable by a fine of 90 euros and a withdrawal of 3 points on the license . It's much more expensive than soap.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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