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This is what the arrival of the new turquoise headlights on cars means

“This is what the arrival of the new turquoise headlights on cars means”

The first cars equipped with turquoise-colored front and rear headlights began to appear. leave the manufacturers' factories. But &agrav; what is this new color for ?

Until'à Currently the rear lights of cars had more red tones. But this could change and turquoise colored lights could appear. Indeed, Mercedes has received permission from the state of California to use turquoise lighting on some of its cars during the next two years.

For which cars in particular ? For those called "autonomous", that is for vehicles hicules equipped with technologies allowing them to navigate and move without human intervention, using sensors, algorithms and sometimes artificial intelligence to interpret their actions. protect the road environment. On these vehicles, when the steering wheel is not manipulated, the steering wheel is not moved. by one person, the new turquoise lighting comes on automatically. behind the cars. This makes it possible to warn vehicles following an autonomous vehicle that it is not being directed at the vehicle. by a human being and therefore to adopt precautionary measures. Moreover, the turquoise color also appears here. the front of the car and not just the rear lights.

Mercedes indicated on the TopGear website that the brand strongly wishes to introduce turquoise headlights and taillights in Europe and even in the rest of the world. In the US state of Nevada, even production cars can already be sold. have this type of special lighting when the Drive Pilot is activated.

However, the brand explains that the rules in Europe do not yet allow the introduction of such lighting. However, Mercedes tries to explain what happened. the European Union the advantages of turquoise lighting for autonomous cars. The manufacturer is particularly curious to see the interaction with other road users when they know that a car is driving autonomously. This also helps police officers: if someone is busy, they can help. &agrav; something else behind the wheel, an officer can see if the car is paying attention. Additionally, the introduction of distinctive lighting would help with this. the acceptance of autonomous cars, thinks Mercedes.

Mercedes chose the turquoise shade for two reasons. First, the color stands out from all other lights in traffic, including emergency services and other markings. In addition, there are various studies that show that turquoise is "– both physiologically and psychologically" the optimal color to indicate self-driving cars.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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