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This app detects if you're lying: how it works ?

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VerifEye is the name of this application launched by the company Converus available on Android and iOS. Based on AI, it is a sort of lie detector that has made users of the subreddit r/ArtificialInteligence react in recent days. Here's what we know about this tool.

How it works?

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The startup Converus claims up to 80% efficiency for its tool. According to the site BGR, this technology is based on an AI which detects eye movement in order to determine whether the user is lying or not. Thus, involuntary movements and other characteristics could help determine whether an individual is telling the truth.

Our colleagues point out that this idea is not new, and that it has been practiced since the 1970s. However, certain research carried out in the 2010s called these techniques into question, and they are therefore not unanimously accepted.

Who is this technology used by ?

VerifEye is especially useful to certain professionals who may want to verify what the public is saying. The recruitment company IsoTalent, based in Utah, notably used it to check the backgrounds of Mexican nurses. Its CEO and co-founder, Paul Ahlstrom, explained: “Using VerifEye as an initial screening tool for new employees will reduce recruiting costs by 20& ;nbsp;%”.

For his part, Todd Mickelsen, CEO of Converus, specified last year& nbsp;:

The ability to verify the truth affordably, accurately and quickly via an app, anywhere, anytime and in almost any language, has sparked ;interest from around the world. We have had discussions with several large companies – one of them has the potential to perform more than a million tests per year.

While this innovation is promising on paper, it could run into some problems. According to BGR, it is therefore not certain that courts can really rely on this application to establish facts. Other Reddit users wonder if it will be able to be used once the EU's recently passed AI Act is implemented.

For now, the service is in any case downloadable in France. It is thus possible to carry out a demonstration test (without obtaining any results). You also need to obtain a test link from a provider to use this truth checker.

What to remember:< /p>

  • The VerifEye application is getting a lot of attention
  • Elle allows, according to its designers, to check with 80% efficiency whether a person is telling the truth
  • Some professionals are seduced by this concept

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